I Want to Shop Small for Clothes!! SLNW?

When I was little, my family would drive past an abandoned movie rental on the main street. Business ideas would rush through my mind – maybe I could own an all-year Christmas store, maybe I could run a homeless shelter, maybe I could wrap gifts for people, maybe I could be a small business owner!

Now, I don’t desire to open my own small business, but I strive to shop from them whenever possible. (Don’t get me wrong; I still buy from major corporations like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks, but I do try!) Whether the businesses be on Etsy, social media, or local stores – I try to give them all a shot. I appreciate the thought these owners put into all products and packages and respect that they’re pursuing their dreams.

Whenever I find new stores, I love telling everyone about them. If you’ve met me, you know that I’m basically a walking Ruggable ad – when I love products, I want the whole world to know!

Many people are also trying to shop small, but they don’t know where to start. They want to buy clothes from a small business but think

“So, like, now what?”

The thought is there, but where do they even begin? That question leads me to my first small business recommendation:

Manna DeKor and More

Anything underlined is linked to what is being referred to.

This May, I was scrolling Facebook when I saw a shared post from Manna Dekor and More from Orland, Indiana. Although I cannot recall the exact post, I remember being in awe of how fun the boutique looked! The model – who I now know is the daughter-owner, Rebecca – seemed so cool and spunky! Whatever she had on caught my attention, and I decided to check out the Manna DeKor and More website.

I quickly learned that this boutique was mother-daughter owned by Melody and Rebecca. Instantly, I was impressed. If my mom and I opened a boutique, who knows the styles there would be – we never seem to agree on clothes trends! That would not be our jam, so it amazed me that these women make this look flawless.

Eagerly, I searched the entire website. The faith items made my heart so happy – I truly admire stores that are open about their values. The adorable nurse shirts instantly caused me to rethink my entire major! The “mom” products make me want to hurry up and be a mom already. Seriously, the clothes are that cute.

In no time, my first order was in, and I could not contain my excitement awaiting its arrival. When I saw it in my mailbox two days later, I was shocked! That shipping had to be faster than Amazon Prime – especially during COVID!

As I pulled the bag out of the mailbox, I noticed the bright pink packaging. How lovely!

As I ripped open the package as if it was Christmas, a little card fell out. On it, was a handwritten note from Rebecca and Melody thanking me for my order. That made the entire experience feel so much more personable, during a very impersonal time. That’s truly a miracle in itself.

When I tried on my first Manna DeKor and More products, the outstanding quality was undeniable! Ordering from there again was now a must.

Quickly, I became a huge fan of the boutique. Their shop is now my favorite! Their Instagram posts always inspire me and their Facebook streams are something I look forward to – I am still kicking myself for not acting fast enough on one FB Live. I didn’t even wait a minute to order a color block sweater, and it sold out! That’s how good this boutique is!

Did I mention that my extremely talented yearbook teacher, Hannah Ruth Photography, snaps pictures of them in their clothes – could this place get any more perfect? Probs not; Hannah Montana said that nobody’s perfect, not that no boutique is!

Manna DeKor and More has something, if not 1,000 things, for everyone.

Their gifts are practical, while straight out of Pinterest. They have reusable bags that would make anyone excited to check out at Aldi, motivational car air fresheners, and the most delightful, blush “Mama Needs Wine” tumbler. If someone ordered a gift from here, they’d have to snatch a greeting card, too. I am the biggest Hallmark fan of all-time, and I admit even their cards are trendier than Hallmarks!

They offer home products that would be in everyone’s HGTV dream home. From rustic to motivational, they have it all!

Their accessories are everything a girl could want. The abundance of relatable baseball caps is never-ending. They’ll make you wonder how many hat changes are acceptable for one day. The earrings that they offer are jaw-dropping. The Tassel Moroccan Earrings will be mine sometime soon! The shoes are incredibly stylish and so comfortable. I have the very versatile, Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal, and I wear them at least four times a week.

Manna DeKor and More clothes are what you need in your life. Every time I look into my color-coated closet, I am immediately drawn to my clothes from there. How is it even possible for clothes to be this fun, chic, high-quality, and reasonably priced!

Every available clothing item should be in this blog labeled as a must-have, but I will show pictures of what I’ve ordered. Trust me, you’ll want to browse this website and add gift cards to your wishlists!


The Multi Wide Sleeve Sweater is thick, bright, and perfect for the fall through spring! It can easily be paired with a DeBrand caramel apple in the fall, some silver ornament earrings in the winter, or pastel shoes in the spring. Talk about getting the most out of your money!

This Mustard Sherpa Quarter Zip is crazy comfortable. It actually has me excited to do homework with the other essentials: Starbucks, textbooks, Word documents, and Beasley!

The Burnt Orange Pom Cardigan gives me major Guinevere Beck vibes, which I am here for! *Spoiler alert* Too bad she can’t be here for it, too!

This Mocha Layered Faux Fur Jacket (no longer available) was my first purchase from the boutique. Dawson always picks out clothes for me that have things “hanging from them” because that’s how he knows it is my style! I mean, he’s not wrong! I love pairing this with my favorite sandals!

This Taupe Leopard Print Skirt really makes me want to strut like I mean it. After I had placed an order, I Facebook messaged them asking to add this to my order. It was no problem! Talk about excellent customer service – this might top Chick-Fil-A.

Manna DeKor and More has it all: incredible products, out of this world service, and tons of spunk! Ordering from here (or going in – I haven’t done that yet!) will make you pull a London Tipton and jump up and down, squealing, “yay me!”

Shop small, shop local, shop Manna Dekor and More!

I’m Ready to Wedding Dress Shop!! SLNW?

The day you’ve been dreaming of since you were little is finally here: you’re going wedding dress shopping! Several episodes at Kleinfeld, Mia’s Princess Diaries transition, and everyone’s stories have prepared you for this day. You’ll pop the champagne, try on 27 dresses, bawl hysterically when you find “the one,” and feel nothing but magic.

You can’t wait to share this experience with your closest friends and family. You’ve been Pinning dresses for years, and you just know you’ll look as lovely as Mia, Princess of Genovia.

First, you find the store you like best by stalking their Facebook, browsing their website, and analyzing their reviews. You call them to schedule your appointment, then let your entourage know that


While you wait for the big day to arrive, you become a gangster wedding dress investigator. You analyze every seam, every fabric, every stitch. Basically, you could design your dress – move over Vera Wang; you’re not that special. Finally, in the Instagram tags, Facebook pictures, or on the website, you find the one that was meant for you! You send a screenshot to everyone who is coming and happily go to bed hugging your phone as it shines the picture for the world to see.

Now, the day is here! You wake up feeling like it’s Christmas, then plaster on a full-face of makeup, hike up the Spanx, drench on the perfume, and prepare to have the best day! Bring on all the mimosas! (Unless you’re like me, and you’re not 21!)

Next, you’ll pull-up to the bridal store ready to show your consultant precisely what you want. They smile blissfully and tell you they’ll find it! They encourage you and your party to pick out a few dresses and inform you that they will also be grabbing a few change-ups.

All the dresses are selected, and you walk to the back prepared to experience your Cinderella moment. Your eyes fall on the one you’ve stared at through a screen. Your consultant sees this, smiles, and tells you that you’ll try a random one first.

You step in your first ever wedding gown, and you hate it. Not because it is hideous, but because it isn’t the dress you’ve been trying to Photoshop onto yourself in pictures.

You walk out to the stage to show your friends and family. They can tell you aren’t a fan and agree; it’s not the one. You walk back eager to step into the dress of your dreams. The dressing room curtain closes, you step out of the first gown, and your consultants’ hand appears holding the dress.

The consultant comes in to zip and clip the dress to fit correctly, all while you attempt to catch a glimpse in the mirror. She guides you out to your crowd as their heads turn to sneak a peek. Finally, you’re standing in front of them anxiously awaiting to turn towards the mirrors. Their faces are shouting that they adore this dress. Your heart beats even harder as you turn to see yourself!

As you face the mirror, you get a look at the dress that you cannot believe you loved! Like what is this? Not your wedding dress! Good gosh, this is terrible. How much wine have you been drinking lately? Did you accidentally mix it with some NyQuil?

What possessed you to think this horrific piece of clothing – freaking Vera Wang, you knew you could do better than her! – was the piece of clothing you should wear on your wedding day! Were you confused and thought this wedding was a what-not-to-do wedding in preparation for your next one?

Utter disappointment settles on your face as you turn to talk to your company. Their eyes meet yours as you wonder why they’d look happy you have this on your body. “Well, this is not it.” you profess. Shocked, some of them oppose while others nod. Then, you bunch up the bottom and walk to the dressing rooms to promptly take it off. Now, you’ll have to open your mind to other possibilities – you could be here all day.

Maybe you’re like me and go into the dressing room to jump out of the dress. Yes, it was that large! I went in with my heart set on this satin-looking, classic white ballgown. I wanted to pair it with elbow gloves, a high bun, and some white booties. Basically, I came in wanting to be Audrey Hepburn, and left with one that has brought out the local Barb’s.

Here’s a partial picture of the dress that was in my camera roll for months. (Not going to show the top because this dress was too big, and it had mesh around the chest area. When I walked out, my grandma exclaimed, “Chloe I love your boobs, but no one needs to see them!”) Even by this clip, it’s obvious this dress is stunning – but it’s not for me. It weighed more than Beasley, and that dog pushes my lifting limits. I’d be severly sore halfway into the day wearing this! Plus, the dress stands on its own. What if I had an “it’s happening” moment? Surely, I wouldn’t be able to squat in that.

After you take off the dress you expected to buy, you start trying on others. Some look good, and some don’t. Your loved ones try to convince you to buy some while gagging at others.

Eventually, you walk out and see the dress in the mirror. Wow. You think this might be your Anne Hathaway moment. This, this is the one. You become elated and point out a specific veil. The consultant skips over to the rack, grabs it, and sticks it in your hair.

The smile can’t be contained. There’s no hysterical crying, only pure joy. This, this is the dress you’ll marry your best friend in. Everyone is celebrating with you – you’re getting married! In this beautiful gown! Designed by Vera Wang, what a prodigy!

You forget the price tag and exclaim, “I’ll take it all!”

After you buy the dress, you wonder,

“So, like, now what?”

Let me give you a piece of advice that I found the hard way – do not show other friends and family. Not because you want to keep it a surprise, but because they will literally tell you they don’t like it. The first time it happened, I was stunned. The second time, I swiftly erased all pictures from my albums, including “Recently Deleted.”

I’m not going to lie and say those comments didn’t hurt me and cause me to rethink my decision, but I will say that I wish I could even be half that honest! Someone could show me a red velvet curtain that they super glued pillow feathers to, masking-taped a belt around, and stapled denim sleeves on, and I would still tell them it was beautiful if that’s what they wanted. Maybe, maybe my dress is worse than that! Just kidding, it’s not. Those were just Barb moves – ugh, as if you needed that!

This blog may be bursting with sarcasm, but seriously, embrace the experience. Bring people who will lift you up! Come with an open mind because what you like on will be different than what you like in pictures. Don’t settle on a dress – it’s okay to go to more than one store! Chug the mimosas, evaluate every detail as intently as you did online, and enjoy the experience. You’re a bride!! This life-stage is what you’ve been waiting for your whole life, so don’t be afraid to take your time and soak it all in.

As long as you love the dress, and you’re comfortable in it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You’ll look like a bombshell!

This blog is dedicated to my mom, Amanda, and my future mother-in-law, Jonelle.  Thank you both for making me feel so beautiful, and for helping me enjoy this entire experience.  You are both women I aspire to be like, and I cannot wait for January 8th, 2022, to come so our families officially become one!

I Forgot A Wedding Gift!! SLNW?

Weddings look a little bit different these days. Instead of hearing bells, you listen to people squirting hand sanitizer. Instead of complimenting other guests for looking their best, you comment on their mask.

You feel happy for the couple, but feel so sad for the bride – the constant guessing, last-minute changes, hearing everyone’s differing opinions.  Woah, that could not be me. Kudos, a tip of the hat, and applause to you all!

Overall, the whole experience is still as beautiful as a guest!

You get confirmation that it’s still on, and you pull out the handy-dandy Spanx, choose your new favorite Amazon Prime outfit, get ready for some free food, prepare to whip out the dance moves you learned on Tik Tok, and have a few too many drinks. All you need do is bring a – shit! You forgot a gift! How did you forget the gift!? What can you even get them with this COVID craziness? You need a gift idea like yesterday, like pronto, like right now!

First, it’s okay! Breathe! This wedding has been in the air for everyone, and it just happens to be August-October when all weddings are this year. Forgetting is understandable – we’ve all done plenty of it during COVID because this can’t be real life! (I know that I keep forgetting to stop eating the massive bag of Uncle Ray’s Hot Chips before I’ve shoved it all down, and chugged the salt at the bottom.) But don’t worry – your gift can still be thank you card worthy!

Here is a quick gift list:

First, can I state the obvious and suggest cash? Maybe you’re thinking,

“cash isn’t good enough for this gift!  So, like, now what?”

If you want to do a different, unique gift, here are some of my favorites:

Get them a gift card for a couple’s massage!

If they enjoy entertaining, L. Lynn Lettering Co on Etsy does personalized charcuterie boards!

A custom Christmas ornament that says their last name! Etsy has an abundance of them!

A Hallmark greeting card assortment – they’ll save so much money on cards.  How practical!

Ask their engagement/wedding photographer to buy a gift card to pay for a future anniversary session!

If they are trendy, get them a personalized scrapbook and a polaroid camera to capture the married life.

Okay, I saw the East Family do this on YouTube with parenting, but I bet it could easily apply to marriage! Get bottles of their favorite wine (or beer, bourbon, etc.) and make custom labels. Like “For Our First Vacay Married!” or “For Finishing Our First Netflix Binge Together!” So, they can break those drinks out for those special firsts!

Lastly, I recommend checking out the Bride’s Pinterest Boards! You’ll probably be able to find several ideas there. (Pinterest is where you can find tea for anything!!)

If you want to do a quick, simple gift, here are some options:

Something off their registry, or a gift card to those stores. Most registries do fast shipping or ship free to their home! Who cares if it’s a little late? Just throw a pic of the gift in a card and call it a day.

An Amazon gift card because we’ve all gotten addicted since quarantine!

If they are going on a cruise, consider a gift card for their ship (yes, that’s a thing!)

A Netflix gift card – basically paying for their COVID dates right there!

A gift card towards any alcohol, food, or gas store.

A Family Bible!

Fleece throw blankets are always a win.

Or, everyone needs cleaning supplies, so there’s that lol.

When picking the gift, remember to make it about what the couple wants rather than what you’d like to give. If you do that, you’re gold! No matter what you get, they’ll adore it! All they care about is that the marriage is still happening, the wedding is still on, and that you came! COVID has taken so much away – let loose and party for the one thing that’s stayed: love!

Enjoy this COVID wedding season: rock the Spanx, test the moves, eat the cake, and celebrate!

*nudge* Come back soon for a Christmas gift guide! Expect the excitement levels of Buddy the Elf, and the intensity of Winston Schmidt, The Rock, and Amy at Sky Zone in Bad Moms Christmas 2. Yeah, it’s like, intense! That blog will make this one look like 1/20 stocking stuffer ideas for your Great Aunt Barb.

I Think I Disappointed God. SLNW?

I thoroughly considered writing this post – I’m not going to lie. Especially when I contemplated posting it this soon. I thought I’d gain a small following based on my quirkiness, creativity, and insane organization skills. Then, I would publish this blog. Because what if it’s too deep, too intense, too controversial? After all, this post is all subjective, all interpretation, and all my core beliefs. Phew, it could make people uneasy or argumentative. But, I decided that these values, these beliefs, these intentions are something I should share. Perhaps, it is what He is calling me to do, or maybe I am feeling vulnerable. Whatever my purpose may be, I believe this should be part of it.

So, like, you feel as if you disappointed God. You know you should be living for Him and His word; yet, you’re living for money, yourself, a higher social class, etc. You have the types of sins instilled in your mind and understand that you should avoid committing them, but you keep falling short.

You’re overly prideful about your appearance, and you post selfies all day every day.

You envy your best friend for having more boutique clothes than you.

You really like lobster, and the image of you that eating it paints, so you eat yourself into gluttony.

You begin obsessing over money and greedily spend, or keep, it all on yourself while the poor suffers.

Thoughts of physical pleasure consume your mind, and you keep lusting for more.

You realize life doesn’t always go your way, and you only choose to feel anger.

You avoid bettering yourself spiritually and physically and are performing the 7th sin: sloth.

There are so many ways to commit The Seven Deadly Sins. Truthfully, we probably perpetrate a few of these sins every day. Woah. We cuss, hold a grudge, gossip, overindulge, and on and on.  Then, when we recognize what we are doing, we feel a strong sense of guilt. Why aren’t we doing better? Why are we acting poorly? Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes? Why do we kinda suck? Why, why, why do we keep disappointing God!

He wants more, He expects more, and He deserves more!

What a guilt complex we must have! To think the God who gave His only Son, the God who loved us first, the God who created the world for us, the all-forgiving God, cares so much about your mistake(s) that He will stop awaiting your presence in Heaven. I hate to break it to you, but that’s not how it works. That’s a ton of weight to carry, and that’s not what He wants for you.

He wants you to forgive yourself, continue trying to be better, find more ways to live for Him, and show the world what’s in your heart. If anyone knows your heart, it’s Him. When you fall victim to these sins, He knows your intentions. Were your motives to hurt Him, to worsen your character, to perform evil? No, they weren’t. These mistakes were probably another Eve + an apple situation, which we now refer to as “being human.” Sure, these acts hurt Him. But also, He knows you for you – not your mistakes.

I always try to let that sink in. I’m not a bad person, my intentions weren’t destructive, and my place in Heaven is still there. God still loves me. Even when I don’t deserve it, even when I hurt Him, even when I disappoint Him.

God knows my heart and understands my intentions.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I keep purposely using the word “intentions.” Or, maybe you know where I’m going with this recurrence. My ultimate religious role model, Sadie Robertson Huff, frequently stresses the importance of being intentional. Which makes me think: if it’s intentional, it’s so much more powerful. We can all choose to reflect on areas of our lives where we fall short in our faith, determine who we’d like to grow into, and take steps toward those intentions. To further focus on the wisdom Sadie holds, let’s remember her famous quote:

“There’s nothing wrong with starting small if you just keep going.”

Before beginning high school, I started praying every night before bed. This routine made me feel so happy and pleased. Now, I sometimes feel like my prayers are disappointing God. But, it’s not Him I’m letting down – it’s me. They don’t always hold depth, thought, or intentions. These exact prayers may have fulfilled me once, but now, I know I need to do more. Not because they are not enough for Him, but because they are not enough for the relationship I’d like to have with Him.

In these prayers, I’ve always thanked Him for my day and prayed for Dawson’s health. Of course, I occasionally add prayer requests, thank Him for more specific life details, or talk to Him – but not as much as I should. Sadly, the nightly prayers sometimes act as a routine or chore, rather than an actual prayer or conversation. So, even though these same prayers were once good enough, they no longer are. Now, I desire to make these prayers more intentional, so my relationship with Him evolves. I may have to start by making small changes, but I will keep working until I feel on fire for Him during my prayers.

This desire to improve my prayers, and my prayer intentions, are what God knows. It’s what He sees in my heart. It’s how He knows me as His child.  Naturally, I disappoint Him. However, it is not this crushing, never-ending, Hell-sending disappointment we anticipate.

God probably knew it was coming, and He has a plan for what’s next. This disappointment happened for a reason, and He will forgive it like nothing happened. The intentions behind the sin weren’t motivated by evil; instead, it was a mistake. Forgive yourself, take note for next time, remember just how much God loves you, and work to be better.

So, like, you may have disappointed God, but it is not the end of the world. Not even close! Instead of dwelling on this mistake that many of us have made, work to be better. Work on your relationship with Him. Work on giving His Kindness and Love to yourself and others. Set faith-based goals, take steps to achieve them and try showing others what’s in your heart.  Like Sadie said, just keep going!

“Above all else, guard your heart. For everything you do flows from it.”

(Proverbs 4:23)

A First Date!! SLNW?

The nitty-gritty is finally over! You looked cute every single day, flexed your muscles, wore your good butt jeans, played it cool, or successfully slid in the DM’s.

Now, the time has come: your first date with him or her.

So, like, now what?

First, you’ll have to pick what you wear. You’ll throw your entire closet onto your floor just to conclude nothing is good enough. Maybe you’ll even be like me and try on every pair of jeans to see which one’s hold your thighs in, so they don’t look like a melted popsicle in the movie theater seat. You’ll disregard your mom and friends’ reassurance that you look amazing in the outfit you obsessed over yesterday. When you finally settle on a semi-acceptable outfit, you’ll stress over every accessory, every eyeshadow hue, or all possible scarf pairings. Whatever it may be that you’re stressing over will be fine! Your hair is the right shade, your smile is white enough, and the butterflies aren’t obvious.

To be perfectly honest, your date is probably too worried about their appearance to even notice yours or they’re just oblivious. It’d be a 50/50 chance that my fiancé would even see a minor hair change, and he randomly asks if I’ve changed my hair only out of fear for not noticing (I think)! So, the only person who will notice anything out of place on you is you! But remember, this person thought you were cute enough to go on a date, so no matter what, you’re still cute enough!

Next, you’ll worry about what appropriate car behavior is. It can’t be scarfing down Ted’s buffalo chicken fries with your hands, blaring old Hannah Montana with your jeans unzipped, yelling at the birds to “FREAKING FLY AWAY!” But, can it really be sitting still and listening to some song neither of you enjoy? Like, how do you even know what genre of music they jam to on a first date, unless this is some Lizzie and Gordo type of relationship. When Dawson and I first started talking about music, he told me he listened to “the doors.” There I sat imagining him, opening and closing his car door while driving down 327. “Cool!” I replied, seeing no red flag, and preparing for a unique car ride. (Before you ask, I am now aware this is a band.)

So, my advice would be to ask before the car ride! That’s such a quick text to shoot their way. But if you don’t want to ask, I’d stereotype them! Why not? I’m kidding; there are so many reasons why that isn’t okay. Please do not let this be an “oops, I caught my crush kissing my arch-nemesis, and ran before seeing him push her off” moment. I pray that you read my stereotype comment, followed by me stressing how inappropriate that actually is! If you want to find out inappropriately, just stalk their Apple Music account – it’s as simple as that. Or, better yet, throw on “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. It’s always a winner.

Finally, you’re at the theater (if your first date isn’t at a movie theater, you’re obviously already confident and find this entire blog unrelatable. We cannot all be Beyonce’s – some of us are Toby Fletcher’s.) At the counter is when the most dreaded part of the date comes. You both look in each other’s eyes with utter horror when the one paying finally asks,

“do you want popcorn?” 

Both of you are wishing, praying, hoping that the other one doesn’t. You understand sharing popcorn won’t be a cute, hand-touching moment. Instead, it will be a nightmare. One of you will be pouring butter down the straws to cover every layer, while the other watches. They’ll be staring, knowing it isn’t common knowledge they have a milk allergy. But how can they refuse the popcorn now? They can’t.

Instead, they prepare themselves mentally for an explosive night, praying they won’t have to dart out of the movie.

So, unless you want to leave the theater with an oily face, kernels stuck in your teeth, and popcorn down your shirt, you always say no to popcorn on the first date.

Disclaimer: I always encourage cutting the straws after gushing butter down them. #SaveTheTurtles

After the movie comes to a close, and you’re done panicking about laughing too loud, holding their hand too little or not enough, and looking at your melted-popsicle thighs, it’s time for the car ride home. This is the most natural part of the whole night! You reflect on the movie pointing out your favorite characters and scenes. But when the car’s put into park and your heart starts racing, your mind starts scrambling, and you don’t know what to do: remember what I saw on a commercial at my grandma’s in my childhood.

On the third date, when you walk in the house, stay by the door after it closes because your date will run on the porch, open the door, and passionately kiss you in the pouring snow.

Not really, but that’s what I did expect until I was a sophomore and experienced my first kiss.  That disappointment will be shared in a different blog.

But seriously, just do whatever you’re comfortable with. Only you know what that is. This blog may be relatable to us all on some level, but we all differ. Just have fun, listen to your mom’s advice, and be safe! Wait until after the first date to overthink everything and question,

“So, like, now what?”

I Launched a Blog!! SLNW?

Thank you for tuning in to my first blog! If it’s not your jam, that’s totally fine, just please do not tell me that – that’d be a Barb move (I call Karen’s, Barbs. Looking at you, Barb Weber!)

I recently realized I measure success by productivity – there’s quite a bit to unpack in that statement. However, I am guessing a lot of people feel that way. You get the A, you tone your thighs, take the perfect pictures, earn the degree, book the vacation, finish the laundry, and you’re left wondering what’s next. At the end of the day, you reflect on how much you accomplished rather than how happy you were.  How exhausting and also, how relatable! There is so much comfort in similarities, and that’s why I started this blog.

If you start the day spilling your iced latte and can’t contain the tears, know I’ve been there. If your first kiss misses your lips or clunks your teeth, accept it happens. If your pants don’t fit after Thanksgiving, remember ours whose do are 100% jeggings. If someone asks if you changed your hair, and doesn’t compliment it when you confirm, have confidence that you’re rocking a Hannah Montana switcharoo. When you finally unwind – and hopefully uncork – for the night, realize that you crushed the day! Because when all the chaos is said and done, all we can do is shake it off and wonder,

“so, like, now what?”

Hopefully, some of these blogs remind you that we are all human, encourage you to take a breather, provide decor inspo, or work as entertainment in the Starbucks line – or at the very least, help me feel a little more productive.

Blogs will be posted for the remainder of this week as a kick-off! Then, every Monday, I lack motivation or am intensely dancing to One Less Lonely Girl eagerly awaiting the latest episode of The Bachelor – so I thought that seemed like a great day for a blog post. Thursdays are also amazing because we’re gifted with food deals, and TGIT TV shows, so Thursday’s too! I tend to ramble and give way too information, so if you missed that: blog posts are every Monday and Thursday at 7 am!

In the meantime, browse the site for more information! I hope you stop by again, but if not, battle life’s Barb’s with grace, know we’ve all been there, and always remember Elle Woods wise words:

“And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.”