I’m Done With School!! SLNW!?

Well, folks, as you likely know, I graduated college! I am officially done with my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Tech!

Now that I’m done, so many people are asking me variations of the same question:

So, Like, Now What!?

Honestly, I was wondering the same thing for a while. What should my next big adventure be? I considered applying for the part-time writing position at Crime Junkie, as I love researching, writing, and true crime.

I contemplated getting a part-time job at DeBrand or Country Heritage, as I live for customer service!

I thought about joining some Zumba classes, learning how to make my own clay earrings, and so on.

But, as I kept thinking about what to do next, I stopped myself.

Why is there always something next? There were too many things on my plate when I was in college, so why don’t I dedicate more time to those things I am already devoted to?

Then, I can decide if I want another project to tackle in the future.

I am so thankful to be a bride, so it’s time to start enjoying the wedding planning process. Furthermore, I’ve let my extra-ness be tamed. But friends, we are four months and two days away from the big day. It’s time to go HAM! Dawson and I have talked extensively, and we only get this day once, let’s make it what I truly want! So, I’m going to start devoting more time to fun details and hopefully less stress.

I am so thankful to be a fiancé, but I’ve let the romantic side of our relationship lag with how busy I am. Some days, I miss just bingeing TV with Dawson, or going to a movie, or spending too much time eating at Applebee’s because we can’t stop talking. So, I want to dedicate more time to our romantic relationship – going out to bars, watching trashy TV, talking about how our days genuinely were, teaching each other about our perspectives and interests, and so on.

I am so thankful to be a friend, but I don’t get to see my friends enough. So, I want to dedicate more time to them and growing those relationships!

Seeing Ashtyn and Nikki in Muncie, dressing up with them for Halloween, having one of those cheap margaritas, and learning the ways of excellent fashion.

Going to Bloomington to see Makinnah and Hannah, maybe convincing them to stop at Cake Bake, talking about the old days, jamming to Thomas Rhett on our way to the winery.

I want to have more movie nights with Brooke, sipping wine, laughing, and enjoying the closest relationship to sisterhood I’ve ever had.

I want to text Grace more often, asking if she’s heard the newest Morbid and if she agrees with Ash and Alana’s perspective, planning our next wine night, and talking about home décor.

I want to do a girls’ night with Reese and the other Grace; grow closer to Caiah; grab coffee with Lindsay and Lindsey; see Delaney and Rachel over a marg; text Katie about décor; grab apps outside of work with coworkers; and so on.

I want to fuel the friendships that bring joy to my heart.

I am so thankful to be a daughter, but I feel like time is slipping away quicker than I hoped. Spending nights around the fire, hearing my dad make fun of how I baby my drinks, watching my mom stare at mosquitos. Having Sunday dinners where we rave about my dad’s entrée and my mom’s sides. Going to concerts, playing games, and hanging out. These are the things that I think of when I hear “family,” so I want to do them more.

Same with being a sister, granddaughter, almost daughter-in-law, cousin, and niece.

I am so thankful to be a homeowner and to have a house to do projects on – something I’ve always desired. So, I will finish the board and batten wall with my dad, build a fireplace with him, learn how to lay floors, hang wallpaper in the bathroom, paint the garage, build pantry shelves, and all the other projects in my heart! And, I’m going to decorate the shit out of the house – seasonal throw pillows, rugs, blankets, décor, candles, probably wines, and so on.

I am so thankful to be a dog mom! I want to dedicate more time to training Auggie, who is no way eight, learning how to groom Chuck, making liver treats for them (their fav – going to need a whole separate blender), taking them to the dog parks, and spoiling the crap out of them. Additionally, I’m going to cuddle Beasley near death and feed Bowser all the cheese that would make me blow a bathroom up.

I’m so thankful to know the Lord and have a love for Jesus, but I want to grow that relationship. I want to understand the Bible better, learn how faith has impacted others, hear other testimonies, and so on. Days where I dedicate my attention to the Lord are days where my soul thrives, and I need to give more to that.

So, like, I am a lucky person. All these hats that I wear are one’s I’m glad to have, so I need to give more to each of them (in no order in particular!) For now, I am just going to let these evolve, grow, and enjoy them.

For now, I’m going to take it week by week!

I have a marketing job at a company I’ve been with for two years. Outside of those forty hours, I’m going to wear my many other hats – and wear them well.

This week, that entails family time, watching Bachelor in Paradise (you have to fill your own cup first!), having a Tuesday night date with Dawson watching Only Murders in The Building, keep staining the fence, buying and planting shrubs for the front yard, going to Home Goods for décor on Saturday, and who knows what else. But, that’s the beauty of slowing down, enjoying life, and not always stressing over

So, Like, Now, What!?

Yeah, I should probably learn how to cook, too, but that’s not the moral of the blog!!!

5 Years In A Relationship!! So, Like, What is Love!?

Dawson and I have been together for five years!

In the past five years, we’ve both matured, grown, and changed as human beings so much. Along with our individual evolvement, our relationship has shifted, too. More than anything, my perception of love has altered.

In year one, I would’ve told you that love is flushed cheeks, shy smiles, warm hugs, and hundreds of dollars spent on buttered movie popcorn.

In year two, I would’ve demanded that love is trying to make it through long-distance – arguing most days, but spending every waking second together when you can, acting as you’ve never argued before.

In year three, I would’ve told you that love is skipping philosophy together to binge The Office in the school basement, that it’s cutting up potatoes every Friday for a fry-Friday, and it’s having date nights in a movie rental store.

In year four, I would’ve told you that love is still wanting to spend time together after long work and school days; that it’s quarantining together, watching Cold Case Files, and chowing down fried seafood. –And getting engaged, of course! ❤

In year five, I’d tell you that love is watching each other earn a degree, get full-time jobs, buy a home, adopt another dog, and deplete your savings. I’d also tell you that it’s understanding each other’s love languages, stressors, and favorite movie references.

But now, today, entering year six

– where we will get married, live together, experience our first solo vacay, and enjoy living as just the two of us – I’d say that love is no one thing. Like furbabe love, parental love, friendship love, and all the other beautiful kinds – romantic love is unique.

No love is one size fits all – because you and your partner aren’t generic. For some, love is texting them to ask if they’re home yet; it’s saying yes to the next home improvement project; it’s taking the grandkids to the zoo; it’s walking the dog; it’s watching True Blood; it’s being the DD when the other is getting rowdy; it’s showing up. 

I can’t define love, but I can describe the love that Dawson and I share and have shared – both healthy and unhealthy. But honestly, our love continually shifts, and it’s always a learning experience. With the various seasons of life that an individual and couple go through, change will always remain.

What I have learned about love is that it’s critical to understand yourself. I’m not suggesting that you need to know every detail about yourself and who you’ll be for the next two months, ten years, or fifty trips around the moon. That would be unrealistic.

What I am saying is that when you’re cranky, think about why. Was it because your boss’s email sounded demeaning; because the dishwasher has sat fully loaded but dirty for two days; because the dogs’ nails need clipping; because you didn’t sleep too well after finishing You late last night, etc. Whatever it is, that’s totally fine and valid! But take the time to understand why you feel that, so you can communicate that to your partner.

So many times as a young couple, we hear that we will grow apart because we don’t know who we are. I understand that perspective (and thanks for projecting your experiences onto me, all you pleasant Barbs), but I believe that as long as you effectively communicate, you’ll thrive! How am I, a twenty-one-year-old, barely-dated, optimistic girl so sure?

Wellllll, I could be way off!

But in our five years, we’ve stuck together through so much – more than I owe anyone to talk about – but some things that I’d share are long-distance, remission, jealousy, different beliefs, etc. All things that helped shape our love – I promise, Barb, it’s not just Friday night lights and college parties like you must think. 😉

Now, here, today, I have a lot more to learn about myself, Dawson, and love.

But what I’m sure of is our love will continue to grow and evolve as long as we communicate, prioritize ourselves and our relationship, and put Jesus in the center.

Communicating for us is taking the time every week to address how we’ve felt the past week – has work been too overwhelming; is there a house project that’s bothering one of us; did a new true crime case come up; was there a meal we were craving; etc. Sometimes we forget how powerful words are – I argue one of the most powerful tools we all have. No matter if that is through text, phone call, sign language, or speech. Everyone deserves to share their story, everyone deserves to be heard, and everyone deserves to be understood. Take the time to understand how your partner has hurt, grown, learned, and viewed the world lately!

Prioritizing ourselves is important to us. For Dawson, that’s playing computer games. For me, that’s sitting down every Monday night, wine in hand, Twitter pulled up, counting down to The Bachelor.

Prioritizing our relationship is something we’ve sometimes forgotten to do this year, as life has gotten chaotic. So often, we are constantly trying to keep up with our responsibilities, with our friends and family, etc., that we forget to spend time romanticizing our relationship – rather than just being besties. So, like, we decided to have Tuesday nights dedicated to us. Whatever we want that to entail for the week – sitting around the fire, bingeing New Girl, eating Flat Top, getting a drink, going shopping – Tuesday is our night to pick something and be that year one couple! …only hold the butter for this lactose intolerant gal. #DiherraIsn’tRomantic

Prioritizing our faith looks different for us, but we both find that having strong individual relationships with God helps our relationship. For Dawson, talking about our faith is a great way to worship. For me, it’s singing and dancing to Christian music [shocker] or praying before bed. Both are great for us overall, and our relationship with God has been stronger this year than ever before.


The past half a decade has been a rollercoaster, and I wouldn’t change any of the lessons I’ve learned. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the person I am, I wouldn’t have the relationship I do, and our love wouldn’t be what it is now.

In the next half a decade, I imagine we will have great adventures, learn valuable lessons, and change what our love looks like all over.

Whatever your [healthy] love looks like – it’s unique, it’s meant for you, and it can grow with you if you take the time to nurture it.

Happy Monday, friends! Happy Anniversary, Dawson! 🙂

I Have OCD! So, Like, What Is It?

I was contemplating what to write about for this week’s blog as I itched my hives. Hives that arise from stress, which primarily stems from my OCD.

I would like to clarify that my hives were not regarding blog stress but the past week of my life!

Then it hit me! So many people classify OCD as obsessive cleaning and have no idea how much goes into it.

So, like, let me give you some basics on OCD!

According to the International Foundation of OCD (2021), nearly 1/100 adults have OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While OCD can reference cleaning, it is often belittled when used in terms of cleaning. While this doesn’t bother me personally, it does affect other people. Just be cautious and respectful of the things you say – especially if you aren’t too familiar with a topic! ❤

I believe that everyone is individual and has unique experiences. Therefore, I’d like to share my personal history with OCD and my basic knowledge of it to give a more comprehensive look at my perspective. If you’d like a more thorough understanding of OCD, I encourage you to ask me questions or research it!

Just to clarify: my experience isn’t everyone else’s. Everyone’s mental health and body is different, so this may vary from your experience with OCD! But here’s mine:

When I was little, I used to clean obsessively and be incredibly obedient – meaning I wouldn’t get out of bed unless someone told me to, I would eat all my food, etc. As I got older, I still felt like anything I wasn’t explicitly told to do would get me in trouble, and I would obsess over doing the wrong thing.

Additionally, I would wear myself down to reach perfectionism (or at least try). Through high school, I would spend every waking second thinking about how I needed to lose weight, get better grades, what yearbook designs I should try next, and how I could gain one more mile-per-hour for pitching.

Constantly, I was exhausting myself. I would obsess over being the best, not hurting people, and meeting all irrational needs – maintaining an unhealthy weight, keeping everyone in the whole damn world satisfied, being the hardest worker I could be, and so on.

Through these years, my constant obsession over yearbook and pitching helped me maintain my mental health rather than obsessing over every single thing in my life.

Then college and working full-time occurred, and my mind struggled.

So, Like, Now What!?

I wanted to maintain a 4.0 GPA while taking 18 credit hour classes (girl, chill), be the most productive intern ever, maintain a social life with my friends, be a great girlfriend, keep a spotless room, save every penny, and keep everyone pleased. That whole year, I obsessed and obsessed and obsessed.

Soon I began getting hot, sweating, and feeling stuck in small spaces – almost weekly. Whatever I was obsessing over would feel like the end of the world if it wasn’t going perfectly. After months of this getting worse due to COVID-19 taking away stability on things in my life, I decided to seek help.

After speaking with a doctor, he confirmed that I had OCD which is an anxiety disorder. Additionally, he told me that I was experiencing panic attacks and recommended walking away from whatever was causing them and having a positive activity to do instead. Now, whenever I encounter a panic attack, I walk away from what I’m doing, hop in the driver’s side of my car (driving relaxes me), and get a Wendy’s strawberry lemonade. Every time a panic attack starts, I calm myself down and rationalize with myself – whatever I’m obsessing over isn’t going to make or break me, and it isn’t worth all this anxiety that I’m enduring.

Now, I know how to work with my OCD. Yay!!!

Some things make me incredibly stressed and are extremely challenging for me to let go of; however, I understand why these things are happening, which is a significant first step! While I cannot fix my OCD or stop the panic attacks and stress hives, I can maintain my mental health.

Ultimately, my OCD makes it hard for me to let things go, say no, or realize when I’m obsessing too much.

For example, I think there is a very particular procedure to everything. If you do something wrong, I think you should apologize. I cannot let it go until there’s an apology on either end. Another example is if someone gives me a compliment…I will sit and think about it forever if I forget to thank them.

The only support I need from people when I’m going through these obsessions is to let me go through my moments of panic and not add any more stress or tasks onto me.

I hope this helps you understand OCD!

A lot of people have asked me about it, as I am pretty open about having it. To sum it up, I’d say it entails having irrational worries that you cannot let go, causing urges and obsessions, until you reach a point you’re happy with, leading to relief. It’s a bit intense, and I can’t say I love the panic attacks or stress hives, but I’m happy that there are resources to help me with it!

If you’re struggling with your mental health, I strongly recommend altering who you follow on social media, being patient with yourself, journaling, and seeking therapy or medical help.

Let’s take care of our minds, friends! After all, they are the best parts of us! ❤

I Keep Wearing Myself Out!! SLNW!?

When I started this blog, I remember obsessing over the idea of there always being something that’s next.

For example, we got engaged, I got a full-time job, we bought a house, Dawson graduated, we adopted a dog, I am graduating, and so on.

Sometimes, on days where I’m sitting on the couch, wine in hand, I wonder what I’ll do once I don’t have homework anymore. Yes, I’ll work full-time, cook and clean, continue to redo the house, keep planning the wedding, and play with the dogs. But, I wonder, what about those days where I get three 40-minute episodes of Netflix in?

Shouldn’t I pick up a hobby – I mean, everyone wants to know my hobby, and watching TV or cleaning with true crime blasting in my ears doesn’t sound like riveting answers.

But, still, I sit here and ponder

So, Like, Now What!?

I must be productive, and there must be something new coming around the corner – isn’t that what life is all about? 

Being busy, busy, busy, and busier until you die?

Wondering if maybe you can fit a jog in between your surgery and hair coloring?

Thinking you might get an episode of Schitt’s Creek in after cooking and cleaning, but only if you go on a walk after.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, viewing productivity as success is one of my biggest personal downfalls.

But, isn’t being happy successful – and productive? Why don’t we talk about the true success that is happiness?

I mean, truly, at the end of the day, isn’t life about sitting down, drink in hand, dogs at feet, smiling at the ones you love?

Sometimes you need to stop…not to smell the roses [ew, roses!], but to think about what you’re working towards.

Is it for the next thing? Because, while that’s okay for a while, it shouldn’t be all our lives are about.

They should also be about enjoying the things we have, resting in the places we call home, spending time drinking wine with our besties, laughing around bonfires with our parents, and stopping to chat after Sunday church.

This week, I want to spend more time enjoying the moments I’ve worked so hard to create because we take them for granted all too often and keep trucking toward the next thing.

Life shouldn’t always be a sprint, but a stroll, too!

Have a great week, friends!

It’s A House PAW-ty!! SLNW!?

Hey, pals!!

It has indeed been a minute! I apologize for the irregular and short blog posts lately. I feel like they are constant updates, but honestly, that’s about all I can manage to write about these days. Life has been busy and has my head spinning at moments – I’m exhausted but so happy. What’s better than writing about the things making your heat overpour? [true crime????] And if excitement isn’t something you want to stick around for…

Well, like, bye!

Dawson and I are getting a dog this Friday! AHHH! He is supposedly eight, yet everyone disagrees with this determination, he was surrendered, and he walks with a limp.

He is a corgi terrier mix with the name “Lefty;” however, he doesn’t know that name as it was recently given to him. I am between Lefty, Lenny, and Auggie. Ever since Girl Meets World came out, it has been my ultimate dream to have a best pal named Auggie…this one may be the one, you guys! ❤

As far as the house,


*dun dun DUNNNN*

Just kidding…maybe!? So, like, we were power-washing (yuck, don’t want to see that bill), and Dawson had to dig out old bushes and weeds in the corner. Then he found this, and we are convinced it was used to commit a murder!

Not a true crime fan? That’s okay – focus on this transformation instead! Now, we just need to stain it, which we will do as it gets cooler. Your girl doesn’t lie the heat or sun – clearly.

I 110% market water products and still didn’t think water could do this…..wow water is pretty cool lmao!

Today, as in 7/05/21, I am working with my dad to finish up the laundry closet. I painted 3/4 of the wall black (don’t look at the un-crisp line!! I used painter’s tape – OKAY!???) and the top 1/4 gray. Today, my dad is helping me make two shelves that we’ll hang with exposed black brackets.

I also made three 8×8 prints that I framed in 12×12 frames! There is one of Nick Miller from New Girl, one of David Rose from Schitt’s Creek, and a generic laundry one! Those will hang at the top for a little personalization – along with the $60+ I spent on decor to style the shelves.

…I know, I know! Totally worth it, and everyone thinks it’s an excellent investment. Thank you, and me too!

We are changing the outlet and adding a cover today – don’t panic!!

Lastly, have I shown you our black wall? I just cannot remember, so here it is again! Just need to lay the floor and add the crown molding!

Okay, friends! Well, I have a dog name to decide on, soup to heat up, pajamas to throw on, a sleepy Chuck to cuddle, and homework to do.

I hope your life is grooving – remember to stop and enjoy the little things, find purpose in your actions, and be open to new ideas!

Until next Monday (when more Bachelorette drama unfolds),

peace out!

I’m Not Going to Grad School!! SLNW!?

Hey, friends!

A lil life update – yet again!

I have decided not to go to grad school! Woo!

After a year of contemplation, many advisements, several chats, and loads of advice, I decided it isn’t the thing for me.

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be a wife and mom. For a while, in recent years, I thought maybe I’d want to be in a corporate position or be a badass boss…but truthfully, I’d rather leave work at work, come home with no worries, and enjoy time with my family.

While having a higher degree is incredible, it won’t get me that family time that I want. It won’t get me my dream job – doing stuff I love and not climbing the ladder.

My definition of success has been skewed lately. Success, to me, isn’t having the highest position at work. It’s being mentally and physically happy, supporting a family I love, attending a job that brings me joy and growing as an individual!

So, ultimately, I decided that it’s time to throw in the academic towel. I hate school, and I’m proud of myself for making it this far. I am months away from being done, and sometimes it’s okay to not always be uber busy. So, once I get the Bachelor (hehe), I am done with college!

While some people will disagree with me or think I’m making a mistake, this is what I want. It’s probably what I need, too. As someone with OCD, it can feel impossible for me to set down the textbooks. While I want to enjoy date nights or working on the house, homework is constantly tiring my brain.

I think that I’m really fortunate to go through all of this at this stage of my life. I wanted to work full-time and go to school full-time. After 1-2 years of that, I realize that I really love enjoying life instead.

Sitting by the fire, walking the dogs, attending concerts, watching Hallmark Christmas movies with 0 guilt, starting a home project, laying on the couch after a bummer day, and so on.

Those are the things I live for.

For a while, I was living to work on my degree and career. After talking to so many people who regret that, and seeing how much I miss enjoying my time, I have decided to work to live- not live to work And while I’m at it, I want to chase after careers that I’d love.

For a while, I contemplated doing accounting. Not because I love accounting, but because it made decent money. While work isn’t your life, it is 40 hours of your week…why spend it doing something you don’t really like? Sure, corporate is awesome, and kudos to those who enjoy it.

But for me? I enjoy designing, working with customers, chatting, working on a project, collaborating, using my imagination, setting things up, planning, etc. So, those are the things I’m going to pursue.

I hope that you understand where I’m coming from! Aren’t we all just trying to figure it out? That’s what I want to do, too! Just figure out the best way to live my life – it’s short, after all. I don’t want to waste my days worrying about getting an A or if another employee will call off. I want to worry if my kids have enough sunscreen on at the zoo, worry if Dawson and I will make our dinner reservation, worry if my dog had one too many chicken fries, and so on.

If that’s not your jam, your version of success, or your desire – good for you! But I realize that it’s mine, so that’s what I’m rolling with.

But, for now, I have 12 weeks left of school. The most challenging classes I’ve ever had are currently underway, and while I’m seriously stressed and have one hell of a headache, I’m pretty excited and grateful to be so near the end.

Thanks for following along! ❤

A Little Life & House Update!!

Happy Monday, y’all!

I hope you have one huge iced latte and are all kinds of pumped for The Bachelorette tonight!!


On a different note…I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m exhausted.

Have I been working out? Nada. Doing physical labor? Not unless carrying four bottles of wine counts. Doing a cleanse? Nope, just eating like shit per the usual!

Life has just been mentally draining lately! This past week, I had finals and came scary close to getting my first B at Indiana Tech!

*sobs even thought the crisis was averted*

This week I start Project Management 1 and my capstone course, and while I don’t publicly want to say when I’m done incase something goes wrong, having my capstone now means I’m pretty freaking close. As in, 110%-way-before-our-January-wedding close.

So, like, school has been mentally draining me for sure! Also, I have the opportunity to go to grad school for basically free. To me, it seems silly not to be all over that. But I don’t like school and I’ve never enjoyed college. It makes me miserable – more at PFW than Indiana Tech – and my mental health is leaps and bounds happier when I don’t have school. So, I’ve been having a hard time deciding if I want to jump right into grad school or ever go at all…

I used to think that would make me more successful, but is that even true? For some, of course it would! But, this past year I have seen what I enjoy in jobs and no dream job I have would ever require a Master’s Degree. Why would I put myself through that when I have no intent for it? A year and a half ago I was sobbing, choking on a McChicken wondering if I could even get my Associate’s. Now, being so close to being done with my Bachelor’s, I’m wondering why I’d put myself through 1-2 more years of something that makes my life so much more stressful. Just because you have an opportunity doesn’t mean you need to take it – just be grateful either way!

I feel so worn down and spread too thin. Thank goodness we have so much wedding stuff done, or I think I’d forget where I’m at!! I’ve been forgetting everything lately and been getting so frustrated that I can’t keep up! It sounds like I may need to drink more coffee to stay energized – do you agree?? Do I need more Five Lakes???? Yes?????

So, all of that has been weighing heavily on my mind, lol! Then, work, the wedding coming up, the house, and the several families I’m dogsitting for have me feeling like I have a little much going on. Don’t get me wrong – I am so grateful for everything! Truly. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want to sleep for 10,000 years, haha!

With the life update out of the way, please know that I apologize if I am spottier on blogs! Life has been chaotic lately.

Lol, thanks for letting me ramble!

Now, to what you’ve been waiting for – the house update!

Living Room

The couch from Article is in! We are going to order wood-framed canvases after the wedding for behind the sofa! A beautiful Studio McGee plant will arrive this week for the second nightstand! And, we will be ordering a matching ottoman later this summer!

(Could I use any more exclamation points??)

Later in the fall, my dad is building a cement fireplace for under the TV!

All my Hallmark Christmas movie fantasies will come true!!

The electric fireplace will be 60 inches, which will be just 1.5 inches shorter than the TV. The fireplace will extend longer than the TV, ending under the TV (not to the ceiling.) I think it’ll look very sharp, and I’m crazy excited!

Our yellow recliners are looking good! We [aka I] want to get two floating wine racks to hang on the wall on the right side! Under them, I want to put a walnut dresser (Dawson was shocked when I said ‘dresser’ and ‘living room’ in the same sentence) for all Dawson’s DVDs!

The actual dresser and wine racks! I will stain the wine rack shelves to match!

On the left side, I want to put a plant from – wait for it…Studio McGee! It’s a 75inch olive tree. Let me tell you: it is beauty; it is grace!

Does the dog toy wicker basket shaped like a bone not melt your heart??????

After that, the living room will be complete!



We have a black wall! Against it, I want a beautiful walnut bedframe from Article! Dawson and I want a King that comes with attached nightstands! Then, we’d like a Purple mattress!

That’ll take up a majority of the black wall, but we’d also like to hang our “Sweetest Friend” sign above the bed and put my body mirror against the wall/corner!

For whatever reason, the black wall wouldn’t upload! Here is the inspo though! I just wanted something fun and modern in our bedroom! This is all the furniture that we want, too! 🙂

Another thing that I chose to do, which was out of my comfort zone, was to paint the closet and bathroom door the same color as the wall but in a semi-gloss. I wanted to do this, so the room still felt big, and the TV didn’t look suffocated since the other doors are such a contrast.

I love this choice and am excited to add the black hardware this week!

All that is left in this room is touching up the doors, finishing the outlets/light switches, adding crown molding, and laying the flooring! We are hoping to have all of that done sometime in July! I originally was going to change all the flooring, but we will try to match the flooring in the living room and lay that in all the bedrooms.

The Rest

After the bedroom, I am unsure if I want to tackle both bathrooms (as they will be similar) or go for the dining room! In the bathrooms, I will have to sledgehammer out the tile (LOL, a sight) and lay some new flooring! I want to build a board & batten wall in the dining room and [have my dad] make a booth! Both are great projects, and I’m sure whichever is next will look great.

I also have a very fun idea for the laundry room that I cannot wait to execute!
There will be more to come for sure!

Thanks for checking in, friends!

Have a fantastic [Bachelor] Monday & week! ❤

A tribute to my buddy, Cody!!

I went back and forth on writing this blog, fully expecting myself to bawl the entire time I wrote it.
At the end of my back and forth, I decided that it may be therapeutic for me. So, excuse my errors throughout this blog. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to revise it. This is more about being human and expressing my emotions than being a correct writer.
Last Saturday morning, my sweet Cody Allen passed away. ☹
I’m still not sure that I’ve comprehended that he is never coming home.
I thought I’d tell you about his life.

October 5th, 2008

On October 5th, 2008, I was in third grade, having my tonsils removed. Both my parents were in the hospital with me and told me if my dad left, we could maybe get another husky! (As our previous husky, Cagney, had died, and we only had our mix, Lacey).

There was one husky male left, and no one wanted him because he had two different-colored eyes – something strangers later gushed about.

There was my dad and one other man who were going to try to get there first. My parents were looking at me, asking if I was okay with my dad leaving.

Of course, I was! Another dog? Yes, yes, yes!

They asked what I wanted to name him. I immediately exclaimed, “Zack, Cody, Cole, or Dylan.” Can anyone guess what show I was obsessed with?

My dad hustled to the dog and later brought back two-month-old Cody.

I was in love.

I had some time off from school for my tonsils and decided to make Cody love me the most. My birthday had been a few weeks prior, so I gave Cody a pillow I had. It was pink and lit up.

He loved it.

After that, Cody and I were always buds! I could give you the details of his life – like when he was hit by a car, ate the front of the couch, or protected his ‘Funky Money’ at all costs – but honestly, I am having a very, very hard time with his passing still.

Cody and Funky Monkey

I felt so silly. He was my dog. Why am I having such a difficult time processing it and mourning?

But, he was part of my childhood. Part of my whole life. He had so much of my heart. It doesn’t have to make sense to others, but for me (and those who get it) it’s been more days than not of crying.

Every morning when I wake up, I struggle to open the curtains. Cody loved my big window and would rush in every morning to stare out of it, which is usually what pulled me out of bed – I couldn’t get them opened fast enough!

In the days before he passed, he’d begun going in the bathroom with me while I got ready. He’d climb into the cabinet under the sink………I think he was looking for stashed candy, or he was just weird per the usual! ❤

I struggled to get a Starbucks drink, ha! As it reminds me of the time, I was driving him to our new house, and he jumped the barrier from the backseat and into my lap while I was on a country road. Causing me to swerve and almost kill me and the three pups! When he finally sat down next to the gas peddle (AHHHHH, the anxiety!!) I went to take a drink from my full latte; however, Cody’s hair was all up in it, lmao.

Cody was the best dog anyone could have ever asked for. It was literally impossible not to love him – he was everyone’s favorite! He’d steal your candy, run through your legs (even if you’re going down the stairs!), he’d drool on you for dairy, and he’d lay his head on you in the most beautiful way.

When he passed unexpectedly, I bawled for hours and hours. Truthfully, I’m sitting here 10 hours before this is posted (I couldn’t stop putting it off) trying to finish this, and I’m just bawling.

But I keep remembering him – even if it hurts! Because all my memories, all my comforts of home, all my childhood, is filled with the love of my big buddy, Cody!

I know that God taking him unexpectedly is such a gift. No one could handle seeing him age, as he was in great shape for being nearly 13!

I know I’ll see him again in Heaven, and I can absolutely not wait! But for now, I know he will be watching over me, doing his silly pounce on all the clouds.

I might night be able to look at a vanilla Oreo without crying, open my curtains without feeling sad, or hear “buddy” again without my hopes flying then crushing. But, I am able to smile at the millions of memories that I have with Cody.

Cody and his fav – vanilla Oreo’s

Cody, I miss you, I love you, I’ll be thinking about you, and I’ll see you again someday soon! ❤

Side note: If you do not believe that dogs go to Heaven, please keep that to yourself! 😊 I have read scripture and explanations on it and believe that they do! ❤ Even if you think that is incorrect, we can agree to disagree. Plus, it brings me comfort – why try to argue that and take away some of my peace? Thank you!

Some House Gossip!

Welcome back, friends!

Today’s blog will be brief-ish, as the past couple of weeks have been hectic!
Two weeks ago, I had nine assignments during final weeks (I don’t have much longer to go with school – done in the fall!), was finishing house paperwork, had a lot of stuff to do at work, etc. I was exhausted, LOL. Dawson’s also been pretty beat with preparing for graduation (his last week of being a student is this week!) and wrapping up student teaching.

Life has been exhausting, wild, and a blast. We are just so thankful!

All I want to share today is some house info. Basically, I am just going to answer a couple of questions that we keep getting!

When is the open-house/house-warming party?

I had no idea that this was a thing, which continually shocks people! I guess it totally makes sense though!

After getting asked about the four-hundredth time, Dawson and I decided we’d like to have one around Halloween. How fun!

Plus, we will hopefully have at least one couch by then, so more people could sit! (We have two recliners in the living room, want to add 2 couches we picked from Article, and maybe a bench. The living room will sit about 10-12 people).

But if you want to stop by beforehand, just shoot me a message and we can set up a time!

When are you moving in?

I am writing this blog beforehand, but hopefully, Dawson moved in yesterday! The game plan was to scrub the house down Wednesday and Thursday night. I took Friday off to finish cleaning the house, get Mediacom installed, begin taping, and start priming. Friday night we wanted to get some priming done then wrap up on Saturday. The whole house is tinted yellow and reeks of smoke, so we had to use a special (expensive!!) primer. Sunday, we wanted to start moving boxes in. Then, Dawson and I want to unpack everything throughout this week.

I will move in once we are married! So, on January 9th, you can catch me at our new place permanently!

What do you want for gifts?

This has made me and Dawson feel kinda awkward, honestly! We had no idea that people got gifts for you when you bought a house. We knew that we’d likely get bridal shower and wedding presents from some, but we didn’t know some people also wanted to give house presents.

It’s so kind and generous. We really don’t expect it, and you don’t have to do that at all!! BUT, we know that some people are insistent (and we super appreciate it), so here is what we’d really appreciate…

More than anything, we want to finish the living room first. We’d really appreciate gift cards to any of the following places. I will link the website to the store name, and say what the gift card would go toward!! We want two (ridiculously pricey) couches from Article that we fell in love with – trust me, Dawson can be just as extra as me. There is a limited release shag rug about to launch from Ruggable that we adore. For Christmas, we just need a fireplace that we’d like to build with materials from Lowes and a fireplace insert from Amazon. For décor, we want to build floating shelves with materials from Lowes, too. And of course, throw pillows from Target!!

I know some people don’t like gift cards, so we’d always love anything from our Walmart or Zola registries. (Zola includes our Wayfair registry!)

Again, we really don’t need or expect anything. However, we really appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness and kindness for everything – our wedding, our house, graduation, etc. It feels like too much, and we know we are blessed.

Thank you times a million.

So many people have asked what our plans for the house are, and well, everythingeventually!

We want to cosmetically redo the entire house over time. Here are some more details.

All interior walls will be a light gray that we picked out, the light fixtures will all be black, the trim and baseboards will be off-white. Eventually, we want the doors to be dark gray (white will be too messy with kids) and black fixtures. In the spring, we want to replace all flooring with a grayish vinyl wood that we picked from Lowes. This surprises many people, but the carpets in the house are ruined and there are three different floors. We want to do the same wood floor throughout the home (and maybe an accent floor in the bathrooms) to transform the look of the house. Plus, kids are messy. They spill things. Life happens! That’s why we want to put Ruggable’s in their rooms so we can just throw them in the washer and it’s not the end of the world.

Additionally, the house will need residing. We want the house to be sage green with dark green accents.

That’s everything we know for sure. The order we want to go is:
– Finish the living room
– Make a booth in the dining room
– Paint all rooms
– Replace the flooring and baseboards (we are hoping next spring!)
– Finish the master and guest bedroom
– Flip the kitchen with new cabinets, new appliances, and backsplash. (We want to try to redo the counter but shall see!)
– Reside
– Get a new fence, as the current one is 25 years old (we will just tighten and re-stain it for now!)
– Totally renovate the backyard as it screams potential
– At some point, replace the furnace

That plan is over the course of a few years. Then, we would like to meet with an architect and talk about adding on. Dawson and I think it’s a better investment to pay principle on the house every month and eventually look into adding a room in the back, rather than moving as our family expands. This opinion may be controversial, but it is what we hope to do!

What’re your favorite parts about the home?

Dawson adores the front porch! I am very excited about the living room, as I feel it is the heart of the home.

Additionally, we both love being outside at home. We are very excited about all the yard we have to create areas for our family to enjoy.


We want to thank you all for your support – we really appreciate it! ❤ 

I’ve Got Some News!!

Well, you’re here, and you know that I have some top-secret news.

So, Like, Now What!?

Obviously, I have to have some type of suspense or drum roll! I can’t just blurt it out! I’ve had this secret for 39 days – the longest secret I’ve ever kept. I think I could keep it a few more seconds, don’t you think??
After years of hard work to grow a savings account, a month of anxiety and excitement, a shit ton of paperwork, and a whole bottle of champagne,

I’m proud to announce that –

I mean, do I need to announce it?? Haven’t you figured it out by now!? It must be pretty clear by some of the things I’m saying. Or, you already know because:

1. You stalk my Pinterest and see I’ve been a madwoman the past month!

2. You live in Garrett, where news spreads like wildfire!

3. You picked up on hints throughout my blogs!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, here we gooooo:

*cue “Closing Time”*

Are you ready???
Let’s do it!!!

We bought a house!!!!!!!!

Currently, I’m closing on a house and giving away the biggest check I’ve seen in real life. What do you think I’m doing? My money is on crying, laughing because I took a few shots beforehand, or having the diarrhea sweats. Trust me – it’s got to be one of those things, as I don’t have enough money to bet!!

Haha, I’m pretty excited [as I write this blog days before this is happening] but I have no idea how I’ve felt all day today.

I’ll tell you that I’ve been stressed! Our house went up at 12 on a Friday, we requested a time that afternoon, and had an offer in by 8 pm. By 7 am, there were multiple offers on the table and all offers had to be in by 3 pm on Saturday.

Longest. Day. Ever.

Shout out to Grace for splitting a bottle of wine and pizza with me, while we waited on the news!

Clearly, we got the house! Here are some of my fav parts:

The porch of Dawson’s dreams!! Think it can fit a Christmas tree? JK JK I can make a tree fit anywhere LOL! But this porch is stamped cement!:)
Our master suite! No, the green isn’t staying LOL! There is a huge bathroom and walk in closet!
Our backyard! Yes, the patio runs the full length of the house! Hello all my Pinterest dreams! We maybe want to make that shed into a cute lil beer/wine place?? Um, YES! There is land behind the fence (which needs fixed) for the garden of our dreams!
Goodbye flag pole, hello tree that I can decorate for Christmas! Eventually we need to reside the house – it’ll be sage green! The roof has been redone since this pic! (As of yesterday!)

Closing was scheduled for today, April 27. The owner was planning on moving before Memorial Day weekend, so we’d get the house May 27.

This past Friday, I was told the keys were mine at closing.


I had to call and transfer all the utilities – damn who knew that ALSO cost money. But, of course right!

(But can we talk about how you save a crap ton for a down payment, only for closing to cost more!? Like $500 just for underwriting?? Are you sure?? I could probs just Google it, plagiarize, and toss it into my premium Grammarly subscription! Wouldn’t that be acceptable??? No??)

Monday, the roof had a teardown and was replaced. Thank you to the owner for doing that – saves me over 6K!!!!

So, here we are now.

I’m currently closing, and you’re checking out this blog. Soon, I’ll drive up to


to snap some pics and chug champagne!!

I’m thankful to have gotten a house for a great price in this bananas market. I’m thankful to be starting this adventure. I cannot wait to move in after we get married in January. Until then, Dawson will be living his best life while I DIY, renovate, and decorate!

Friday, I’ll be scrubbing the walls to prepare for priming this weekend. I cannot wait to redo all cosmetic aspects of this house overtime and make it our home.

To follow along, follow @chloefurnish on Instagram!

Thanks for joining in on my secret! Let’s pray I am not a hot mess right now. (The odds aren’t in my favor!)