My Hot Take: O.J. Simpson Isn’t A Murderer.

Hey, friends! It’s been a minute – hasn’t it. A few weeks ago, I asked my Instagram friends what blog they’d want – and a majority of people were intrigued by my most controversial opinion. An opinion that I won’t shut up about when I’ve been drinking. I want to do this opinion some seriousContinue reading “My Hot Take: O.J. Simpson Isn’t A Murderer.”

Red Comes Out Friday, The Wedding Is In TWO Months, and It’s Christmas Time!! SLNW!?

Hey, friends! Happy Monday! I apologize for being so spastic on here — life is just bananas! I’ll hit you with a couple of updates before we get to the sad beautiful tragic stuff! *wink wink* Okay, let’s start with the wedding! I know everyone is so interested because, as of today, we are twoContinue reading “Red Comes Out Friday, The Wedding Is In TWO Months, and It’s Christmas Time!! SLNW!?”

I’m Done With School!! SLNW!?

Well, folks, as you likely know, I graduated college! I am officially done with my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Tech! Now that I’m done, so many people are asking me variations of the same question: So, Like, Now What!? Honestly, I was wondering the same thing for a while. What should myContinue reading “I’m Done With School!! SLNW!?”

I Keep Wearing Myself Out!! SLNW!?

When I started this blog, I remember obsessing over the idea of there always being something that’s next. For example, we got engaged, I got a full-time job, we bought a house, Dawson graduated, we adopted a dog, I am graduating, and so on. Sometimes, on days where I’m sitting on the couch, wine inContinue reading “I Keep Wearing Myself Out!! SLNW!?”

It’s A House PAW-ty!! SLNW!?

Hey, pals!! It has indeed been a minute! I apologize for the irregular and short blog posts lately. I feel like they are constant updates, but honestly, that’s about all I can manage to write about these days. Life has been busy and has my head spinning at moments – I’m exhausted but so happy.Continue reading “It’s A House PAW-ty!! SLNW!?”

I’m Not Going to Grad School!! SLNW!?

Hey, friends! A lil life update – yet again! I have decided not to go to grad school! Woo! After a year of contemplation, many advisements, several chats, and loads of advice, I decided it isn’t the thing for me. Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be a wife and mom. ForContinue reading “I’m Not Going to Grad School!! SLNW!?”

I Want to Shop Small for Makeup!! SLNW?

Every day my alarm goes off, signifying the start of my morning routine. I jump out of bed, give Beasley about fifteen-minutes of petting time, brush and floss my teeth, straighten my hair, pick out an outfit, make my bed, quickly grab something for lunch, and rush out the door to grab a coffee. WhereContinue reading “I Want to Shop Small for Makeup!! SLNW?”