I’m Married!! SLNW?!

Hey, friends! It’s been a hot minute…or maybe a hot month…maybe a hot month and a half?

Ah, well! I was busy getting married! And I’m ready to spill some of the wedding tea, but not all of it! I don’t want to give you a play by play of every detail, until I have corresponding pictures. So maybe 6 weeks from now realistically!

But, I am here to answer all the FAQ I’ve been getting since becoming a whole wife!

Q: What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Gals, come on! This is a tough question. I don’t know! I really liked all of it! Why do you want me to choose?! But, I can tell you a couple of moments that really melted my heart.

Getting ready in the morning with my bridesmaids, mom, MIL, hair dressers, and makeup artist…it was magical. The best morning that I’ve ever had, honestly. It was easy and fun and I loved it so much.

Yes, we absolutely watched Schitt’s Creek. It was phenomenal – per the usual.

I also loved exchanging vows. Our priest had said to Dawson, “I give you this ring.” Dawson promptly responded, despite our practicing, with a fist pump and a, “I sure did!” Once he did that and I had to remind him to repeat our priest, it was a goofy time. It was funny and awkward and everything that we are together. I loved it!

I, of course, loved all the dancing. Being with friends and family dancing the night away was a great time!

Q: When’s your honeymoon?

We have a cruise in July booked, and it has a piano bar! However, our backup plan is to visit friends in Arizona for awhile. I am genuinely content and happy with either option! ❤ 

What’s one thing you would’ve forwent if you could go back?

Aren’t weddings meant to be the most expensive days of your life? Lol! It 200% was for us, especially with how much prices jacked up due to Covid. Honestly, we are content with it. We are just focusing on saving plenty of money for awhile, because first-time home-buying and a large, Covid wedding are two major expenses. We are grateful for our families help with the wedding, but we of course, still payed a pretty penny!

When can we expect for your family to grow?

Alright, I get this question. It is honestly a valid question. And I have a long, possibly disappointing answer for you.

It won’t grow by a human or two for awhile – I am talking a couple years, probably. I will accept and be grateful for whatever God’s plan is if it doesn’t align with ours, but this is our plan right now.

There are a couple of reasons for this decision. Because, honestly, I always wanted to get pregnant ASAP once married!

First, we want to make more progress on the house! Just a little more where we want it, while we have the time and money to focus on it!

Second, we want to establish a good financial foundation. We are financially fine, but again, this year was expensive. We want to take time to grow our savings, while we have the opportunity!

Third, I am experiencing some not-so-serious health problems. I’ll probably go into it more in a few months or so when I have more answers, but really, it just boils down to stomach issues! I have met with an OBGYN, and we have some idea of what’s happening, but the next step is meeting with a GI. Then, going back to the OB. Honestly, it has been emotionally and mentally taking a toll on me, where I am just struggling to be motivated or do too much without experiencing pain and get kind of depressed – recovery from the wedding has also been me just resting from the issues I’m dealing with. It is no way to feel as a mom, or even just as myself! The problems are not too bad, and could be much worse, so I am confident that we will figure it out and I’ll feel brand new. But, I absolutely don’t want to add a pregnancy or adoption process onto how I am feeling because I am not at a place where I have the energy.

Fourth, we do worry about fertility with Dawson’s radiation from cancer and my current problems. Perhaps we would have no problems at all! However, we realistically understand that would be odd with all factors. I am not in a place where I am mentally ready to potentially struggle with that!

Fifth, we are young! We are only 22 and 23! I want to spend the summer drinking, eating chips and salsa, doing drunken stunts, going on girls weekends, sleeping in on Saturday’s, and just having fun! We have plenty of time. We want to enjoy each other’s company, our friends and family, our early twenties, and life for awhile. 🙂

I’ll catch ya soon! Hopefully next Monday, but again, I am pretty drained these days and am learning to respect my body’s need for rest!!!

Love, Chloe Furnish (wild!)

Published by Chloe!!

A Christ follower, fiancé planning a Hallmark Christmas movie kind of wedding, Organizational Leadership student, marketing employee, dog-lover, concert goer, massive Goo Goo Dolls fan, coffee and carb enthusiast, and a basic chick with a Bachelor addiction!

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