My Hot Take: O.J. Simpson Isn’t A Murderer.

Hey, friends!

It’s been a minute – hasn’t it. A few weeks ago, I asked my Instagram friends what blog they’d want – and a majority of people were intrigued by my most controversial opinion.

An opinion that I won’t shut up about when I’ve been drinking.

I want to do this opinion some serious justice with loads of information and sources, but honestly, I’m swamped these days. Between the wedding being less than five weeks away, my trip to Nashville coming up, Christmas and New Year, my uterus problems, and all else life has to offer, I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. That being said, there will likely be no blog next week. Monday, I have Dawson’s sisters Birthday; Tuesday, I have Chuck’s surgery and a shower; Wednesday, I have a meeting with the ceremony coordinator and the last meeting with our priest; Thursday, I have to call Aldi, meet with the DJ, and maybe attend a basketball game; Friday, I have a 21st Birthday; Saturday I have a wrapping party than a Friendsmas. Phew – what a week! On top of a crazy busy work week…give me all the coffee, stat!

Okay, my personal life aside (LOL), let’s get into it.

So the opinion, and please go easy on me, is that OJ Simpson did not kill his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

So, right when you hear about OJ Simpson, I’m sure you think of three things:

1.) He killed his ex-wife

2.) “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”

3.) The slow-speed chase between OJ and the police.

So, let’s debunk these.

Opposing Argument: He killed his wife.

On October 3, 1995, OJ Simpson was found not guilty of killing his wife and Ronald Goldman, the restaurant employee dropping off Nicole’s mother’s glasses.

So, why do you still think he did it?

Don’t we tend to believe in innocence until proven guilty?

If it’s because of his past of domestic violence against Nicole Brown Simpson and the many instances of it being caught on the phone, I would say you’re valid to think that. I am suggesting OJ Simpson isn’t a murderer; however, that doesn’t mean he isn’t an abuser or garbage human. It just means I don’t think he killed Nicole and Ronald. 

My argument against the alleged domestic violence claims is: psychology. The U.S. Sun reported (2020) on the horrific abuse that Nicole Brown Simpson recorded in her private journals – abuse she endured through her marriage and after they were separated. The article shows different entries where Nicole describes the genuinely horrific acts that OJ (source)

If I were to just read about this domestic abuse, I would 100% understand why someone would believe OJ murdered Nicole and had to kill Ronald, who was there, also. After all, intimate male partners killing their female partners is the highest domestic murder statistic (source). However, Nicole only wrote, told people, and called the police about abuse OJ did with his body – not a knife.

Nicole Brown Simpson was stabbed seven times. The psychology behind the two different cases of abuse is much different. While this would initially just make me turn my head, but I still think OJ could be guilty, it doesn’t. It doesn’t because there is someone who many people think should be looked at as a person of interest – me included. Someone who had a rage disorder and was triggered by Nicole the evening of her murder; someone who possibly had the murder weapon; someone who had attempted a knife attack on a female prior; someone who has no alibi; and someone who OJ would never throw under the bus – someone who OJ even hired a legal team for without the individual being accused.

To me, that seems pretty damning. It looks even more damning that there are fingerprints at the crime scene that couldn’t be identified but that were never compared to this individual. 

You know what is even more damning? The FBI reported that the bloody socks found in OJ Simpson’s house and collected for evidence were allegedly planted.

By who, you ask?

Well, detective Mark Fuhrman, who was filmed using racial slurs to put down black criminals, pleaded the fifth under oath when asked if it was him. Fuhrman had been caught planting evidence other times, and the FBI lab could confirm the socks had been planted. When OJ was taken into custody, samples of his blood were taken to compare to blood found at the crime scene. His samples were frozen – the FBI labs could tell the blood on the socks had been frozen, and OJ’s sample could not be accounted for. Fuhrman was the one who found the socks and at least one of the gloves. The discovery of the socks and at least one glove cannot be proven legit, as it could’ve been planted, so one detective got recognized for solving a massive crime (source). If you think this is far-fetched, I encourage you to read about the detectives with the West Memphis Three case…they utterly failed six boys just to try to close a case.

On the note about the gloves, let’s break down reason two for why you may think OJ killed Nicole and Ronald:

the infamous moment of OJ’s glove not fitting at trial.

According to a Crime Junkie Patreon episode (source), it is confirmed that the gloves were OJ’s, and Nicole Brown Simpson purchased them for him.

There are many theories around the gloves: that OJ didn’t take arthritis medication, so his hand swelled. That the blood caused it to be tighter, which valid. Honestly, I can’t really factually say too much one way or the other; however, I can say that I have not been able to find it confirmed that OJ ever wore the gloves. Even though Nicole Brown Simpson bought them, isn’t it possible they were too small? I wouldn’t know what size to buy Dawson, so I would assume it could happen. While I’m not saying that is what happened, I would ask you who you believe OJ would give the luxurious gloves to if they didn’t fit him? I don’t know about your dad, but mine would give my brother his gloves that didn’t fit.

We cannot confirm that OJ had these gloves in his possession. Someone else could have access to them, right? Like, maybe if he has a son?

I mean, isn’t that reasonable doubt?

Let’s go to the third and final point I’m going to debunk, even though I could write twenty blogs about this entire case.

The slow-speed chase in the white bronco. It’s infamous. It’s what I knew before I even knew about OJ Simpson or the case.

Have you ever watched the original footage? When OJ arrives to the mansion after the highway, and he has an emotional conversation, where the reporter says, “maybe he’s talking to his kid?” It was a man that they couldn’t identify (source). In the same Crime Junkie episode, Brit said that it is confirmed that he is talking to his son, Jason.

Then, an emotional OJ turns himself in.

So, why would an innocent man run? I get that question – it’s valid. But have you ever been accused of a horrible crime? I’d imagine I’d run, too. Especially with people knowing I committed domestic violence beforehand. 

But why don’t we ever talk about him turning himself in? Or the prior conversation? Why would he be so emotional, having a conversation, then turn himself in?

Because it’s his only choice?

Maybe…but I’m not convinced.

Maybe something he learned had him upset, and he was turning himself in to protect someone? Is it possible? I mean, OJ has always maintained his innocence but never pointed to another theory – something many guilty individuals tend to do.

But who could he be protecting? And why wouldn’t he fight to clear his name more? I mean, there was DNA under Nicole’s nails that didn’t match OJ, so why didn’t OJ try to get that tested against all men she knew since this was clearly a passion killing?

Well, I’m not going to name the individual I believe committed these crimes because ya girl doesn’t want to get sued over her little blog.

On an unrelated note, let’s talk about OJ’s son, Jason Simpson.

The article, “OJ Simpson Conspiracy Theory: Did OJ Simpson’s Son Kill Nicole Brown And Ronald Goldman,” (source), which is such a wild name that I didn’t come up with, goes over Jason Simpson’s life. According to the text, Jason abused alcohol and drugs since he was 14 and had 3 suicide attempts. Jason had been arrested four times before Nicole Brown’s killing – 2 for stabbings. One of his stabbing attacks nearly killed the victim, who had a close relationship with Jason.

Jason has a rage disorder, often called Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome. He had been committed to the hospital several times for having delusions. In his private journal, he also described how there were three of him, and at least one of him was violent and wanted to hurt individuals that wronged him and his loved ones.

He felt wronged the night of Nicole’s murder because she was supposed to bring her mother and daughter to his restaurant, as he was now a cook. He had reserved a chef’s table for them, but Nicole ditched, and they went to a different restaurant – without telling Jason. Weirdly enough, Jason didn’t clock out how he had every other time and instead wrote it in pencil. Therefore, no one could place him anywhere when she was murdered.

A baseball hat that Jason is photographed wearing on multiple occasions was found at the murder scene. The detectives had thought it was connected but could not link any fibers back to OJ Simpson.

Jason had costly chef’s knives that he took much pride in, but after the double homicide, one of his knives was missing. It was later found in his storage locker and was identical to a knife that made some of Nicole’s injuries.

Again, I have my theory on who did it. I’m not going to specifically say who I think did it, but I bet you can guess if you Google the case. 😉 Furthermore, I’m not the only person who believes this. There’s actually an abundance of people who believe this – there’s even a book that names which many thinks did it.

So, like, do you still think OJ did it?

Or could he have been protecting someone else and turned himself in because he knew it couldn’t be proven to be him?

Hmmm…much to think about!!


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2 thoughts on “My Hot Take: O.J. Simpson Isn’t A Murderer.

  1. Very well thought out! There is the civil suit that he lost. Of course, guilt in a civil case is concluded by a “preponderance of the evidence “, much different than a criminal case standard of “reasonable doubt”.

    OJ Simpson was found innocent of murder by a jury of his peers. According to our legal system, he isn’t guilty. He had a very long trial where the 12 person jury reached a unanimous decision. I wasn’t there everyday of the trial like the jury was. I didn’t hear all the evidence as the jury did. Only God knows the truth though…. Nevertheless, Chloe, good job!! 😊


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