Red Comes Out Friday, The Wedding Is In TWO Months, and It’s Christmas Time!! SLNW!?

Hey, friends!

Happy Monday! I apologize for being so spastic on here — life is just bananas! I’ll hit you with a couple of updates before we get to the sad beautiful tragic stuff! *wink wink*

Okay, let’s start with the wedding!

I know everyone is so interested because, as of today, we are two months out.

Like, what!

The 2+ year engagement is coming to an end?! How could it be?!

I know; I know. It’s wild!! And I’m still a little stressed! Almost everything is wrapped up except for a few minor things — meeting with the pianist (which is this Sunday!), our last meeting with our priest, meeting with the church counseling couple, finalizing the shot list with our photographer, finalizing the programs (which are so incredibly extra), altering my dress (which I have a fitting this week!), getting the dads outfits (which is this Friday), earning the liquor license, getting the marriage license, making the card box, doing a hair test run (in January!) and ordering flatware. So, not a crazy amount! But, a decent enough amount!

I dropped off the wedding invites at the post office on Saturday, and after how much time and money I put into those babies, I hope people see them and think,

“Wow! What a cute 55 cent stamp; I can tell she contemplated this stamp for days!”

“OMG! This envelope is so sturdy and strong! It’s a PERFECT envelope — it must be a wedding envelope!”

“Absolutely amazing! These stickers on the front are so centered! Look at her go!”

“Incredible spelling! I bet she proofread it dozens of times!”

“Look at this adorable font! I bet let’s of thought went into it!”

“OMG? Rounded corners?! What a great decision!”

I am only kidding!

Well, kind of.

Who would think all these decisions mean so much to the bride? But they do to me! And that’s okay!!

I also finalized the RSVP form online, finalized the website, finalized the timeline and ceremony readings; got my Nashville clothes in; designed the programs; and got pictures done for the programs…yes, you read that last part correctly. I’ve gone full-blown, “being a bride is my personality!!” I mean, we will only do this once!!

Okay! Now, some stomach updates if you’re curious?

I saw a specialist Friday and got lots of answers! We have a plan in place, and I finally feel validated knowing something is wrong, and we can treat it! Also, I’m frustrated that it would’ve been so easy to detect with three quick tests that I completed all in ONE appointment when I was finally listened to vs. being told it was just “period stuff.”

So, like, I feel relieved, kind of sad, and validated.

I’ll definitely take it, and I’m super thankful I found this specialist!! I did a lot of research and liked who I chose— even though it was a man, as I never really wanted a male OB (I’m just so awkward)! But I got there and was crazy comfortable! So, it’s a win! I also ordered a travel muscle stimulator thing for my ovaries when I’m on the go, got an XXXL heating pad to wrap around my back and stomach, and got icey hot patches! These should hold me over until the next steps with the doctor!!

Unfortunately, it won’t be fixed by the wedding. But I’m hoping God makes sure it’s a good day physically, and I know it’ll play out the way it’s supposed to! If there’s a little pain — that’s okay! However, I am slightly nervous about the appearance side of it. I heavily advocate for body positivity, but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with my body image sometimes! I hope that even if I’m incredibly bloated in my dress, I don’t think about the negative things anyone may think or say, and I feel beautiful regardless! Having a stomach that isn’t flat is okay and normal, and if my stomach is heavily bloated at the wedding….

It’s literally the least important detail about the entire day,

and if anyone thinks badly about it, maybe they shouldn’t be there! (Can you hear my trying to convince myself? Haha!)

Lastly! Some house updates, of course! The garage is painted green, and it’s mainly all cleaned up. Dawson is PUMPED to hang movie posters and a lot of alien things (????), lol! I’m pumped not to walk in there and immediately feel like there are spiders staring me down!!

I also got the wedding room all organized and color coated for set up! YAY!

The guest bedroom is mainly clean and organized, but I still have a couple of boxes of random things to go through!

I got the house decked out in Christmas decor, and I’m mainly just going to go around and finish some projects before the wedding. I’m not feeling up to tackling a new one while everything is going on! The kitchen could be touched up; the outlet covers still have a couple that needs to be replaced; the board and batten wall could be sanded and hit with another coat of paint; the hallway trim could use another coat; the entryway light needs hung since the other one was faulty.

Okay, wow!

That all wasn’t even the point of the blog! I guess I just like talking about my life? Sorry about all that, haha! But I’d you’re reading this, odds are you know me personally and won’t mind!

So, Like, Now What!?

Let’s get to the good stuff — and no, it’s not sad beautiful tragic! That was just a T.Swift reference because IT’S RED RERELEASE WEEK! Eeeek!

There are 30 songs, and naturally, I’m most excited for All Too Well…WHICH IS OVER 10MIN LONG! *cue me crying on the shower floor chugging jolly juice straight from the bottle*

AND! She’s releasing a short film! Like Taylor, stop! What did we do to deserve your greatness?!?!

In honor of us being the lucky ones this week (see what I did there?!), I wanted to recreate Taylor’s tumbler post that she redid on Tik Tok, because quite frankly, I’m obsessed!!!! Only, I’m going to revolve mine around my all-time favorite thing: Christmas!

So, here it goes:

And hats and scarves and leg warmings and wearing ornaments as earrings for the first time in months and when the mornings are frosted and you forgot to preheat your car and cuss as your scrape in the cold and Christmas sweaters and PINE TREES and not caring when people make fun of sugary stuff cause you LOVE IT and are happy it’s all the rage and people who put up their garland before Thanksgiving and fires in fireplaces and gold/red/green color combos and baking your first winter batch of peppermint bark but you put too many candy canes in it because you’re TOO EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME.

Haha, well, that was fun! I’m feeling all holly jolly, but don’t let me fool you. Oh, no. When Friday approaches, I will be acting like a heartbroken girl who has no idea what to do with her life but scream T. Swift’s lyrics, cry, and drink wine. It’s just what you do when it’s your T. Swift year #22.

Well, back to eating non-dairy ice cream and watching the royal Hallmark Christmas movie I taped…as I most definitely subscribed to FRNDLY TV and got a firestick to watch ALL the movies. I have my heating pad on, the Christmas trees are lit, I’m peaceful, and I can’t help but think,

“what a wonderful life.”

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