I Had My Bridal Shower Weekend!! SLNW!?

Hey, friends!

Happy Monday!

I am having stomach issues ~again~ and kind of just want to chill. But! I promised you a blog with all the bridal shower details, so here it is! If it’s not too fun – my stomach is why!

Also – I just want to clarify. I am absolutely not pregnant, lol.

I was asked if that’s why I’m having issues, and it is not. Here is TMI, so if you don’t like female talk, scroll down a bit until you see the big bridal shower heading. Otherwise, here is the deal!

 I have ovarian cysts and irregular periods (periods every two weeks!). The most common treatment for my ovarian cysts bursting is birth control, so my sophomore year of high school, I went on birth control for it. However, I started getting depressed from birth control in June, so I came off of it. Since then, I’ve had a heavy period every week to every two weeks, and I believe the cysts are bursting again. On top of that, my body is detoxing from over five years of birth control (they said it could take up to two years), so my doctor says it’s probably just a large mixture of sucky-ness. We are trying medication that is incredibly over-priced, but non-hormonal and it’ll work to stop some of the bleeding – it is being shipped to me from Indy. So, fingers crossed that my bloating gets regulated, my period gets regulated, and my stomach stops hurting so horribly.

So, like, no, I’m not pregnant, LOL! I didn’t even consider anyone thinking that. But, I like to keep it real, and this is the real-life situation of being a female sometimes, haha. As long as I don’t feel like this at my wedding, I can’t really complain.

Alright, let’s get to what you were waiting for!

Bridal Shower Details

Party Room at DeBrand Fine Chocolates on Auburn Rd in Fort Wayne!

I had a bridal shower weekend because I wanted to have them at DeBrand Fine Chocolate’s, and you can only have 36 people in the party room at once. We had 24 people come to Saturday’s shower, and about 34 come to Sunday’s, so we had to have 2 – the Hoeffel and Hinkle families are large + all the other family and friends I have! We decided to schedule both in 1 weekend so we could keep all the decorations and balloons at DeBrand – it made for a much easier set-up and teardown!

And before I go any further, let me assure you that I had the best weekend ever!

My future mother-in-law, Jonelle, and future sister-in-law, Reese, hosted the bridal showers! We were so thankful that DeBrand set up, cleaned up, and managed all food and beverages! It made our lives so easy and allowed us to enjoy the time before and after the showers together. I am very grateful that they will be in our family.

Okay, I loved my décor SO MUCH! I am a huge girly girl and love pink but didn’t want to use it for my Christmassy wedding. Therefore, we decided to do blush pink + rose gold for the bridal shower! We got blush sequin table runners from Amazon, rose gold double-sided frames from Amazon, milk jugs from Table Cloth Factory (TCF), wrapped in ribbon from TCF, with fake flowers from TCF. For games, we did bridal bingo + scratch-off cards, which were both from Amazon. Accompanying them were cute rose gold diamond pens from Amazon! Lastly were the adorable balloons bouquets, which were from Amazon and blown up by Kroger!

Did you know there is a helium shortage? LOL! Go figure – there is a shortage of everything!

As far as my looks!

On Saturday, my hair and makeup were done by Made Up by Celena Vada, who is doing my airbrush makeup for the wedding! The white romper, gold belt, gold heels, gold earrings, layered necklace, and “BRIDE” hairclip were all from Amazon!

On Sunday, the gold pants (which were a hit) were from Red Dress Boutique, the turtleneck and necklace were from Walmart, and the shoes, hairclip, and earrings were from Amazon! Then, I did my hair and makeup!

Okay, now for the most common question: my favorite gift!

Honestly, this question is so challenging. Plus, they were all great! A few stood out to me, though, so I guess I’d tell you about those.

My friend and bridesmaid, Makinnah, got me a pearl jean jacket that says “Mrs. Furnish” with our wedding date on the collar! I would say that surprised me the most and made me overjoyed to be a bride.

A gift that made me tear up was from my Grandma Julia. My Uncle David and Grandpa Carlas have both passed within the past year and a half, and they were both handy guys. My grandma wrote me a sweet card, including a picture of me with my uncle. Then, she gave me some of the tools that both of them would want me to have in a toolbox, and one was even my uncles. It felt very special! ❤

My Great Aunt Sara got my custom pillows that said mine and Dawson’s name, and together, they make a heart! She didn’t know which side of the bed we’d sleep on, so she based it off what side of the bed my great grandparents slept on. That is so, so special! Dawson’s Great Aunt Norma gave me a breakfast tray, which had a handkerchief on it that belonged to his great-grandma! How special!

My Grandma Cande knows that gift wrapping is my favorite thing ever, so she got me two containers filled with tons of wrapping paper for Birthdays, Christmas, etc. She also included ribbon, bows, tape, tissue paper, gnome bags, and so on!

I could go on and on and on, but those were some gifts that really stuck out to me! I also really enjoyed filling the kitchen, organizing, laying down our new dining room rug, getting Christmas stockings for the dogs, and so on. I seriously loved it all! I’m way too spoiled by the people in my life!

Now, I sent out all Saturday’s thank you cards (18) and am halfway done with Sunday’s (30). I am getting there for sure, haha! Honestly, I love writing thank you cards, and would it be weird to confess that I think I’m pretty good at it?? Haha!

As far as wedding planning, we met with our priest last week, confirmed the ceremony and reception time, confirmed our readings, bought all my bachelorette party outfits for Nashville (they are soooo extra!), and started preparing the wedding boxes.

This week, I will work on the liquor license (a must), finish + order the invites (I design all invites on Canva!), and finish my bridal shower thank you cards!

Thanks so much for supporting me by listening to me ramble about my issues, gush about how special I feel, and for tuning into these blogs! 🙂

Catch you on the flippity flip!

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