A Little Life & House Update!!

Happy Monday, y’all!

I hope you have one huge iced latte and are all kinds of pumped for The Bachelorette tonight!!


On a different note…I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m exhausted.

Have I been working out? Nada. Doing physical labor? Not unless carrying four bottles of wine counts. Doing a cleanse? Nope, just eating like shit per the usual!

Life has just been mentally draining lately! This past week, I had finals and came scary close to getting my first B at Indiana Tech!

*sobs even thought the crisis was averted*

This week I start Project Management 1 and my capstone course, and while I don’t publicly want to say when I’m done incase something goes wrong, having my capstone now means I’m pretty freaking close. As in, 110%-way-before-our-January-wedding close.

So, like, school has been mentally draining me for sure! Also, I have the opportunity to go to grad school for basically free. To me, it seems silly not to be all over that. But I don’t like school and I’ve never enjoyed college. It makes me miserable – more at PFW than Indiana Tech – and my mental health is leaps and bounds happier when I don’t have school. So, I’ve been having a hard time deciding if I want to jump right into grad school or ever go at all…

I used to think that would make me more successful, but is that even true? For some, of course it would! But, this past year I have seen what I enjoy in jobs and no dream job I have would ever require a Master’s Degree. Why would I put myself through that when I have no intent for it? A year and a half ago I was sobbing, choking on a McChicken wondering if I could even get my Associate’s. Now, being so close to being done with my Bachelor’s, I’m wondering why I’d put myself through 1-2 more years of something that makes my life so much more stressful. Just because you have an opportunity doesn’t mean you need to take it – just be grateful either way!

I feel so worn down and spread too thin. Thank goodness we have so much wedding stuff done, or I think I’d forget where I’m at!! I’ve been forgetting everything lately and been getting so frustrated that I can’t keep up! It sounds like I may need to drink more coffee to stay energized – do you agree?? Do I need more Five Lakes???? Yes?????

So, all of that has been weighing heavily on my mind, lol! Then, work, the wedding coming up, the house, and the several families I’m dogsitting for have me feeling like I have a little much going on. Don’t get me wrong – I am so grateful for everything! Truly. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want to sleep for 10,000 years, haha!

With the life update out of the way, please know that I apologize if I am spottier on blogs! Life has been chaotic lately.

Lol, thanks for letting me ramble!

Now, to what you’ve been waiting for – the house update!

Living Room

The couch from Article is in! We are going to order wood-framed canvases after the wedding for behind the sofa! A beautiful Studio McGee plant will arrive this week for the second nightstand! And, we will be ordering a matching ottoman later this summer!

(Could I use any more exclamation points??)

Later in the fall, my dad is building a cement fireplace for under the TV!

All my Hallmark Christmas movie fantasies will come true!!

The electric fireplace will be 60 inches, which will be just 1.5 inches shorter than the TV. The fireplace will extend longer than the TV, ending under the TV (not to the ceiling.) I think it’ll look very sharp, and I’m crazy excited!

Our yellow recliners are looking good! We [aka I] want to get two floating wine racks to hang on the wall on the right side! Under them, I want to put a walnut dresser (Dawson was shocked when I said ‘dresser’ and ‘living room’ in the same sentence) for all Dawson’s DVDs!

The actual dresser and wine racks! I will stain the wine rack shelves to match!

On the left side, I want to put a plant from – wait for it…Studio McGee! It’s a 75inch olive tree. Let me tell you: it is beauty; it is grace!

Does the dog toy wicker basket shaped like a bone not melt your heart??????

After that, the living room will be complete!



We have a black wall! Against it, I want a beautiful walnut bedframe from Article! Dawson and I want a King that comes with attached nightstands! Then, we’d like a Purple mattress!

That’ll take up a majority of the black wall, but we’d also like to hang our “Sweetest Friend” sign above the bed and put my body mirror against the wall/corner!

For whatever reason, the black wall wouldn’t upload! Here is the inspo though! I just wanted something fun and modern in our bedroom! This is all the furniture that we want, too! 🙂

Another thing that I chose to do, which was out of my comfort zone, was to paint the closet and bathroom door the same color as the wall but in a semi-gloss. I wanted to do this, so the room still felt big, and the TV didn’t look suffocated since the other doors are such a contrast.

I love this choice and am excited to add the black hardware this week!

All that is left in this room is touching up the doors, finishing the outlets/light switches, adding crown molding, and laying the flooring! We are hoping to have all of that done sometime in July! I originally was going to change all the flooring, but we will try to match the flooring in the living room and lay that in all the bedrooms.

The Rest

After the bedroom, I am unsure if I want to tackle both bathrooms (as they will be similar) or go for the dining room! In the bathrooms, I will have to sledgehammer out the tile (LOL, a sight) and lay some new flooring! I want to build a board & batten wall in the dining room and [have my dad] make a booth! Both are great projects, and I’m sure whichever is next will look great.

I also have a very fun idea for the laundry room that I cannot wait to execute!
There will be more to come for sure!

Thanks for checking in, friends!

Have a fantastic [Bachelor] Monday & week! ❤

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A Christ follower, fiancé planning a Hallmark Christmas movie kind of wedding, Organizational Leadership student, marketing employee, dog-lover, concert goer, massive Goo Goo Dolls fan, coffee and carb enthusiast, and a basic chick with a Bachelor addiction!

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