I’ve Got Some News!!

Well, you’re here, and you know that I have some top-secret news.

So, Like, Now What!?

Obviously, I have to have some type of suspense or drum roll! I can’t just blurt it out! I’ve had this secret for 39 days – the longest secret I’ve ever kept. I think I could keep it a few more seconds, don’t you think??
After years of hard work to grow a savings account, a month of anxiety and excitement, a shit ton of paperwork, and a whole bottle of champagne,

I’m proud to announce that –

I mean, do I need to announce it?? Haven’t you figured it out by now!? It must be pretty clear by some of the things I’m saying. Or, you already know because:

1. You stalk my Pinterest and see I’ve been a madwoman the past month!

2. You live in Garrett, where news spreads like wildfire!

3. You picked up on hints throughout my blogs!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, here we gooooo:

*cue “Closing Time”*

Are you ready???
Let’s do it!!!

We bought a house!!!!!!!!

Currently, I’m closing on a house and giving away the biggest check I’ve seen in real life. What do you think I’m doing? My money is on crying, laughing because I took a few shots beforehand, or having the diarrhea sweats. Trust me – it’s got to be one of those things, as I don’t have enough money to bet!!

Haha, I’m pretty excited [as I write this blog days before this is happening] but I have no idea how I’ve felt all day today.

I’ll tell you that I’ve been stressed! Our house went up at 12 on a Friday, we requested a time that afternoon, and had an offer in by 8 pm. By 7 am, there were multiple offers on the table and all offers had to be in by 3 pm on Saturday.

Longest. Day. Ever.

Shout out to Grace for splitting a bottle of wine and pizza with me, while we waited on the news!

Clearly, we got the house! Here are some of my fav parts:

The porch of Dawson’s dreams!! Think it can fit a Christmas tree? JK JK I can make a tree fit anywhere LOL! But this porch is stamped cement!:)
Our master suite! No, the green isn’t staying LOL! There is a huge bathroom and walk in closet!
Our backyard! Yes, the patio runs the full length of the house! Hello all my Pinterest dreams! We maybe want to make that shed into a cute lil beer/wine place?? Um, YES! There is land behind the fence (which needs fixed) for the garden of our dreams!
Goodbye flag pole, hello tree that I can decorate for Christmas! Eventually we need to reside the house – it’ll be sage green! The roof has been redone since this pic! (As of yesterday!)

Closing was scheduled for today, April 27. The owner was planning on moving before Memorial Day weekend, so we’d get the house May 27.

This past Friday, I was told the keys were mine at closing.


I had to call and transfer all the utilities – damn who knew that ALSO cost money. But, of course right!

(But can we talk about how you save a crap ton for a down payment, only for closing to cost more!? Like $500 just for underwriting?? Are you sure?? I could probs just Google it, plagiarize, and toss it into my premium Grammarly subscription! Wouldn’t that be acceptable??? No??)

Monday, the roof had a teardown and was replaced. Thank you to the owner for doing that – saves me over 6K!!!!

So, here we are now.

I’m currently closing, and you’re checking out this blog. Soon, I’ll drive up to


to snap some pics and chug champagne!!

I’m thankful to have gotten a house for a great price in this bananas market. I’m thankful to be starting this adventure. I cannot wait to move in after we get married in January. Until then, Dawson will be living his best life while I DIY, renovate, and decorate!

Friday, I’ll be scrubbing the walls to prepare for priming this weekend. I cannot wait to redo all cosmetic aspects of this house overtime and make it our home.

To follow along, follow @chloefurnish on Instagram!

Thanks for joining in on my secret! Let’s pray I am not a hot mess right now. (The odds aren’t in my favor!)

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A Christ follower, fiancé planning a Hallmark Christmas movie kind of wedding, Organizational Leadership student, marketing employee, dog-lover, concert goer, massive Goo Goo Dolls fan, coffee and carb enthusiast, and a basic chick with a Bachelor addiction!

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