It’s My Dogs 2nd Gotcha Day!! SLNW!?

Friends! It’s Monday!

Even better – it’s Beasley’s, Beezer’s, B’s, Beezy’s, Beezy Babe’s, Girlfriends 2nd Gotcha Day! (and unofficial 4th Birthday!)

Here’s to getting twelve hours of sleep every night, snoring like a trucker, having more energy than a pup, and being one heck of a fighter!

You go, girl – I love you!

Beasley brings me so much joy, and I truly adore her. Maybe you’d want to label it as the furmom relationship, and I initially wanted to, too. But I’m not her mom anymore – just her biggest fan!

Here’s this super pup’s story from being in a ditch to being crowned queen of the Hinkle house.

When Miss Beez was brought into this world, she was located in Texas. It truly explains a lot – she only goes big.

Unfortunately, she had a difficult life – but we suspect it wasn’t always bad. She had some mad snuggling skills right off the bat. There was no question about it – Beezy knew how to love and wrap humans around her little paw.

We aren’t sure if the poor babe ran away or was bought. Regardless of whatever happened, she found her way into the wild.

At some point, we believe she had some puppies – imagine how cute those babies were!

At another time, Beezy was shot in the head and one of her legs. Honestly, disgusting. I hope an owner or trusted human didn’t do this to her, but there are signs later on that point to her facing some abuse and having trust issues. We won’t ever know, but let’s pray that twisted person never sees a furry friend again.

Then, Beezer was hit by a car. This incident left her with a permanent head tilt. Luckily, this head tilt does not cause her any pain! All it creates is room for everyone to imitate her and give her a crooked look. Truthfully, it’s pretty cute to witness! ❤

She was left in a ditch to die, which shatters my heart. It’s unsure how long she was lying there, but eventually, someone found her…only to put her on the Texas kill list. 😦

However, this is when the good guy swoops in and saves her life!!!!

*cue applause*

Project Animal Hope Rescue is based in Michigan, and they are a humane shelter that is dedicated to saving and fostering dogs on the Texas kill list.

So, like, while Beezy was being given eye drops and being hand-fed by these angels, I was begging my parents to let me get my own furbaby.

Bowser and Cody are the best, but neither of them was my dog. I have so much love to give to a dog, and I wanted to have my own little babe!

After Dawson and my dad read her badass story, they couldn’t say no to those buggy eyes, head tilt, and cuddly tendencies!

We’ve had her for two years, and while I’d do anything for Beez, I can’t be her mom.

It’s not because I don’t adore her. It’s not because I wouldn’t give her pets for forty hours. It’s not because I don’t want her or because my parents want her more.

It’s simple: it’s because she is finally home.

She does not leave Bowser. When we took him to the vet, she cried, shook, and shed. Her cry rips your soul out. It’s the saddest cry that I’ve ever heard – seriously!

When she sees my dad come home from work, she runs in three circles and jumps on him. This is how you know she is ready to be showered in adoration!

When my mom cuddles up in a throw blanket on the couch, Beezy wedges her way in there.

When Cody gets a little too close to her when she has a treat, she get’s a little snippy and expects a “Beezy! Be nice!

My parents’ yard is her yard to protect. Their couch is her kingdom. Bowser is her person.

This life is the life that she wants.

I’d take her in an instant, but I cannot take her from this life that finally makes her feel comfortable, safe, and happy. She has already went through too much in her short life.

Undeniably, Beezy and I have a strong relationship. For whatever reason, we make each other feel safe and loved. I just get her – even if she is a furbabe.

She is my bestie, which is why I have to leave her where she is. She has had a rough life, and I want her to spend the rest of her days being filled with joy.

Hopefully, I will move out when we get married and be something like 1.4 miles away from her. That’s not far – I will see her all the time. I just cannot take her with me.

I’ve known for about a year, and it’s a really challenging thing to confront and accept. Thinking about leaving any of my dogs makes me break down. Cody is my brother. Bowser is my mom’s sassy bestie – 20/10 a Barb! Beezy is my girl, who I should protect, care for, and love.

Leaving her where she is feels like the right decision. Some people may not agree with it, but I’d feel like I’m rehoming her. For no reason but to have her with me, which isn’t what she’d pick. It sucks and makes me sad, but she’s still my girl!

It’s hard to accept and difficult to imagine. I just love her so much!!

But, we will be close by. I’ll always pet her, share my chicken fries, wrap her in a blanket, and try to contribute good things to her life.

Beasley, thanks for coming into our life! Happy 4th Birthday and 2nd Gotcha Day, girlfriend!

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