Make A Wedding Registry!! SLNW!?

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day was filled with love – self-love, dog love, family love, or romantic love. You deserve to fill your face with chocolate and not feel bad about it. Enjoy a lovely rom-com, cuddling your favorite furbabies. You deserve to rock it out to Taylor Swift’s re-recording of “Love Story” with a bottle of wine as your microphone. You deserve love, and you deserve to have a bomb ass day – every day!

So many girls have asked me what I’d put on my wedding registry – ugh, as if(!) I haven’t had a working registry since the summer of 2017. I was born to answer this question. My excited, calculated mind was like, “ope, I’m seventeen and have been dating my boyfriend a WHOLE year. Time to pick the throw pillows for four years down the road!!”

So, like, I did.

I immediately knew what theme and color scheme I wanted. I ran it by Dawson, and when he gave me the green light, I worked harder than Taylor Swift has the past two years.

Well, maybe not that hard. She’s released three albums and re-releasing one! An icon.

So, I worked harder than Crime Junkies’ Ashley Flowers does in the morning. You know, the girl who walks on the treadmill for over an hour, answering over one-hundred emails and conducting research?

Well, not quite that hard either.

Okay, okay, I worked almost as hard as Schmidt works at being a dad.

I probably could’ve picked a better gif to demonstrate what I’m trying to relay, lmao. But you get the point: I worked hard.

My camera roll was filled, and I dreamed about making a registry. Now, I eagerly await to share my tips and ideas with you all!

So, like, if you’re preparing to create a registry and wondering,

So, Like, Now What!?

Just know, I got you covered. I’m basically the Taylor Swift, Ashley Flowers, or Winston Schmidt of registry-ing. 👌

Picking a Platform

I highly recommend I have not actually picked products from Zola; however, I have been able to link my other registries to Zola. Additionally, there is an option to link products and gift cards from various stores!

When considering which stores I wanted to use, I picked Walmart and Wayfair as my two registry websites. I felt that they gave both in-store shoppers and online shoppers a great route to go. However, I know that some people prefer particular shops or are super last-minute, so I put some work into picking other stores that appear on my Zola page. These stores do not have us registered through their sites like Walmart or Wayfair, but they have one or two options available for gift-givers.

Those additional stores are Bed Bath & Beyond (people have cards), Kohls (cause Kohls Cash), Target (gives people an excuse to go), Amazon (two-day shipping), Macy’s, and places where we would appreciate Gift Cards/eGift Cards to.

This route provides various options for shoppers and allows you to choose your all-time favorite item from anywhere!

Gift Cards

I love a good gift card. It feels like free money. Whenever I buy something with a gift card, I immediately exclaim, “It’s free!” So, I added various options on Zola with a new email just for eGift Cards. I thought that would be convenient for ideas!

$100: Carnival Cruise! We are going on a cruise the summer following our wedding, and we can use gift cards for additional food or drink packages on the cruise. The minimum is $100, which stinks. But, what a great idea!

$60.93: Hello Fresh! Dawson and I want to learn new recipes by starting off with Hello Fresh. These gift cards pay for a 3-meal box for Dawson and me!

$25-$50: Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Chewy, Thrive Market, and Ruggable.

Girlfriend, add some restaurant or date eGift Cards, too!

Expensive Gifts

For most of our gifts, I tried to keep around $10-$50, with most of the gifts being around $25/$30. However, I put some more expensive gifts (about $80+) on our registries. I would recommend making those ‘group gifts,’ where available (not available on Walmart). This way, people can buy the gift as a group or purchase it entirely.

Additionally, I use these registries as my wish lists for Christmas and my birthday or remember something I wanted.

Here are some great products that I would highly recommend adding to your registry:

$213: Pots and Pans. People suggested having stainless steel and a few nonstick. Ours is from Cuisinart and is an 11-piece set on Wayfair.

$150: Vacuum. Dawson’s parents got me a Shark Navigator Lift-Away from Walmart – my dream sweeper!

$149: A DeWalt Hammer Drill

$134: A Miter Saw if you want to DIY. @HouseandHens on Instagram suggested this and the Hammer Drill!

$110: A nice knife set – so many people recommended this. Ours is a 15pc Cuisinart from Walmart!

$100: A Ring Doorbell I never would have thought to add this by product to Zola, but Dawson’s band teacher suggested it. How smart!

$93: Luggage

$80: A Crock-Pot. We actually got ours for free from throwing a Pampered Chef party – something I can’t praise enough.

Lastly, this is totally a preference thing, but I want to sit a jaw-dropping Dutch Oven out on our counter. This $104 Martha Stewart yellow Dutch Oven is what dreams are made of!

Kitchen Gifts

So, I have some of these already, but I’ll put everything I recommend. I have done so much research on this, and I do not like clutter. Therefore, I tried to make sure it would only be things I need.

This past summer, Dawson and I threw a Pampered Chef party where we got almost $1000 of product for $240. We just really wanted the Air Fryer but ended up having such generous people in our lives (not shocked!) and made out like champs.

$70-$80: Cast Iron Dutch Oven (for the fire)

$60-70: Dinnerware for 4 (I’d register for two sets)

$50-$60: Air Fryer

$40-$50: Flatware (Walmart has great deals), Hand-Mixer, 3pc 13×9 inch Glass Pans. Optional: Cake Batter Bowl (ridiculous but obsessed)

$30-40: KitchenAid Utensil Set, Electric Wine Opener, Food Processor, Large Glass Serving Bowl w/ Lid. Optional: Food Storage Containers, Canisters (pantry)

$20-$30: Tupperware, Toaster, Blender, Mixing Bowls, Oven Mitts, Wood Cutting Board, Electric Meat Thermometer, Large Measuring Cup, 12-inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. Optional: Charcuterie Board, Reusable Shopping Bags, Oil & Vinegar Container Set

$10-$20: Dish Towels, Hand Towels, Potholders, 2pk Cookie Sheet, 6 Glassware Cups or Mugs, Rolling Pin, Wood Serving Bowl, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Stemless/Stem Wine Glasses, 8-inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. Optional: Pub Glasses, Shelf Liner, Can Strainer, Spice Rack/Shelves, Coasters, Ice Cream Mugs

$1-$10: Silicone Brush, Pizza Cutter, Ice Cream Scoop.

Other Gifts

These products are some that I find to be important! I browsed all registry blogs, home essential lists, etc. Also, I took notes on my phone when someone highly recommended having something or if I’ve ever needed it.

$70-$80: Brad Nailer

$50-$60: 2pc Dog Food Container

$40-$50: Bath Towels, Collapsible Laundry Basket

$30-$40: Dog Toy Container (shaped like a bone!), Lawn Chairs. Optional: Wrapping Paper Holder

$20-$30: Dog Treat Container (because I know you’ll have a dog), Essential Oil Diffuser, Matching Hangers. Optional: Sander

$10-$20: Optional: Cleaning Supplies Caddy, Spray Bottles, Flashlight

$1-$10: File Storage

I hope that this helped some! When picking items, try to make sure it’s things you’ll both enjoy. Also, add décor and fun gifts! You can never have too many throw pillows, blankets, or succulents. Put some spa products, some of your favorite alcohol or restaurants, Thirty-One bags, or games on the registry. Make it your own!

It only happens once. Make the most of it and make sure it’s what you two want.

I’m obsessed with mine and you should be, too! Start early! Be the Robin of registry-ing. (Seriously, let me have this!!! #BatChloe)

Congratulations and Happy Homeownership!

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