A Conspiracy Theory!? SLNW!?


I am floored by the feedback from last week’s blog. It nearly got 400 reads, which is far more reads than anything I’ve ever written.

All the outpouring love, texts, messages, and comments filled my heart.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I didn’t realize how many people were not aware of this story. I am pretty open, but it shows how many relationships you have that you cannot expand on.

That blog is a hard one to follow. I considered writing about my experience with OCD, a considerable disappointment that I faced last week (quite the bummer), or sharing more facts about myself that aren’t well known. However, I decided that there are future times where I’d like to share those stories.

So, Like, Now What!?

I took to Instagram, my favorite social media platform, and ran a poll. By far, the most popular topic was my favorite conspiracy theory.

If it isn’t regarding true crime, I typically don’t have much of a theory. However, there is one conspiracy theory that I have extensively researched. I have read articles, watched videos, and explored many theories on this particular theory. If you know me well, you probably know where this is going.

Before I dive into the theory, I want to give a little disclaimer.

I do not believe this theory anymore, but it’s still fascinating – in 2018, I was a hardcore believer and ready to talk all about it in a speech for Mrs. Walls English class. But then, I started questioning it because of Aria.

In middle school, I spent days on end researching Aria Montgomery. I knew that she was ‘A’ in Pretty Little Liars. I read articles, I took notes, I watched clips, and I had a college-sized folder on it. Then, Aria was not ‘A,’ and I decided to give up my tinfoil hat and question my theories.

This theory just intrigued me, and I think I needed a little shock in my life. Then, I started obsessively listening to true crime! The surprise factory became a staple in my life, so my belief in this theory faded. After all, it is pretty far fetched. Nonetheless, it’s fun to dive into!

With that disclaimer out in the open, let’s get into a conspiracy theory that will have you asking,

This theory revolves around the thought that Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne, hired Melissa Vandella to take her place.


Well, many people believe Avril Lavigne died; however, I do not. Just with missing people, Bryce Laspisa and Brian Shaffer, I thought Lavigne wanted to change her lifestyle.

I thought she and Melissa worked tirelessly to pull off this scheme so that Lavigne could live an ordinary life.

However, others believed something much more morbid.

Several fans believe the theory exactly as published when it originated in 2011: that Avril Lavigne was found dead by her management team in 2003. So, like, her management hired Melissa Vandella to continue the fame. After all, Lavigne was in her prime, racking in tons of cash.

In 2004, the album “Under My Skin” was released. On this album, there were the songs that hinted at Lavigne being done with the Rockstar life. Many believe that these lyrics are Vandella singing as Lavigne, describing how Lavigne left. Furthermore, some lines have fans convinced Vandella is confessing to replacing Lavigne.

In the first track, “Take Me Away,” Lavigne sings about being angrier and more hurt than ever before, describing how Lavigne was [probably] genuinely feeling about her life in 2003.

The most famous track from the album, #6, is titled “My Happy Ending.” This song sits at the center of this theory, which has so many people convinced that Lavigne passed away. To me, it sounds like a teenage heartbreak jam, continuing Lavigne’s portrayal of anger.

The twelfth song on the album, “Slipped Away,” is where fans believe that Vandella is confessing to taking Lavigne’s life. The song talks about the girl never being able to say goodbye, and it changed her life forever. Some suspect that this song is Vandella apologizing to Lavigne.

The songs are very farfetched, but it has many very passionate.

Personally, the following pictures were what had me hooked!

In this picture, Melissa’s name is written on her hand, which wouldn’t be shocking because she was close friends with Melissa Vandella. However, the resemblance between these two friends is uncanny.

It’s also worth mentioning that they supposedly haven’t been seen together since 2003. If I wanted to squash this famous theory, I’d call up Vandella and do an interview together.

This picture is of edgy Lavigne and softer Vandella. Could it be Photoshopped? Absolutely. However, this photo circles the internet as fact. It plays into the theory that ‘Lavigne’ became more girly when she started wearing pink, singing happier tunes, and performing in better moods.

It would simply be unfair to assume that her interests shifted over time.

This picture had me hardcore advocating that Vandella was Lavigne. Do I know which picture is supposed to be who? Nope. Irrelevant!

But the marks are different, and it is impossible to get moles removed.

Haha, well, this has been fun. I could go much more in-depth on this entire conspiracy theory, but it’s quite the rabbit hole. However, we’ve covered the premise: 

Avril Lavigne looks different, and her music style has changed – all things that life possibly couldn’t alter.

So, therefore, Avril Lavigne is actually Melissa Vandella – someone who seemingly fell off the face of the Earth in 2004. Seriously, look her up. You’ll only find information on her taking over Lavigne’s happy ending!

Thanks so much for being here! Through the personal blogs to the silly ones.

Have a great week! Mine is starting with half of a Frappuccino (white mocha peppermint from yesterday!) and a Matt/Rachel date tonight on The Bachelor! Woo!! Plus I have Jolly Juice!

Have a great week! Remember to drink coffee, make Valentine reservations early, and have some dance sessions!


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