All The Details on Our Engagement Pictures!!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or stalk my Pinterest, you probably know I’ve been obsessing over engagement photos for months on months!

We got our sneak peek back this week, and I’m in love! I cannot wait to get the rest back. The other outfit is my favorite thing I’ve ever worn.

If you are like me, you want all the details on everything.

Here are all the details on our engagement photos that we have so far.

Once we get the others back, I will share the details on those, too!

The blog website may make the pictures lower resolution.

The Photographer

The inner struggle was real when picking a photographer for our wedding.

Two photographers are very special to me, Hannah Ruth Photography and ASOT Photography. Their photos are phenomenal, their personalities shine, and they both mean a lot to me!

Because I know these two personally, I really wanted to invite them to our wedding with their families – as guests.

When making this decision, I didn’t know if they’d be offended. That was the last thing I’d ever want to do! Of course, they’d both be flawless, but I want them to enjoy our wedding with their friends and family.

Once my friend posted pictures from her sister’s wedding, I felt God easing my worry.

Hannah and Amanda would both understand, and I know they’ll love attending the wedding as guests!

The photos that my friend posted were stunning. As I stalked the photographer, I realized that she photographed my cousin’s wedding as I attended my sophomore prom! Her wedding reception was also where ours is. This felt meant to be.

That is how I selected the incredibly talented, sweet, and hilarious Breely with Tailored and Kind Photography.

The Vibe

When considering the vibe that I wanted for our engagement photos, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Those photos are coming later, and then I’ll spill the tea on what was going on in my mind when contemplating those pictures.

Hint: The fashion for those pictures is from a very famous TV show that is done airing. The editing style and location were inspired by a still-running show that will be returning to TV shortly.

When picking the other photos’ aesthetic, I started thinking about what would look good framed in our future home. Our colors will be gray, black, and yellow for ‘you are my sunshine.’

That is when I decided to have our photos taken in October because fall coordinates well with yellow!

Breely suggested the Green Hurst Commons in Auburn, which was perfect for a decked-out fall scenery.

The Fashion

Immediately, I knew that I wanted Dawson to wear burnt orange. He lives in fall colors all year round, and he looks like a HUNK in burnt orange. This sweater is from AMAZON, and he threw on a pair of American Eagle jeans.

When coordinating my outfit with his, I kept leaning towards neutral colors. That is when I found the perfect bodysuit from AMAZON. Man, Amazon has all the things!

To match his sweater, I purchased a pair of tassel earrings from AMAZON.

When picking out pants, I wanted a pair that was lighter and classy. That is when I found the chicest pair on sale from LANE 201 BOUTIQUE.

Once I tried this outfit on, I knew I needed a sparkling necklace. Walmart (sorry – no link) had a simple $8 necklace that was perfect!


When I prepared for our engagement session, I knew that I wanted a great day! We would only do this once, so it’s best to enjoy it.

The night before our pictures, I applied the cutest press-on nails. These are the best invention ever!

The day of, I woke up, and can anyone guess what was next?

Yes! I went to Starbucks!

Next, I went to Fort Wayne to have my makeup done. MADE UP BY CELENA VADA did airbrush makeup as she will for one of my bridal showers and our wedding! I have seen her work on various people and was in love. She did such a perfect job, was uber fun to talk to, and took all the stress away of matching eyeliner!

From Fort Wayne, I blasted Crime Junkie and drove to Auburn. I went to my longtime hair salon, MIRROR IMAGE, and got my hair curled! I usually go to Jess, but I went to Bailey this time. All three stylists are fantastic: Jess, Courtney, and Bailey! I’d recommend going to them if you need a place that can do anything and makes your appointment feel like a mini-vacation.

When we arrived at our photo session, we were greeted by Breely. She was so amazing! She told us exactly what to do, made us laugh, and helped us have the best time.

We are so excited to work with her on our wedding day.

After we wrapped up photos, we headed to Mad Anthony. Here, we decided to go big or go home, and both ordered appetizers and a meal.

WOAH! We went hard.

These pictures are lovely, and I will treasure them forever!

Be sure to check out my blog in a few weeks for the rest of the pictures and details.

Quick story: On our engagement session day, I found out that Breely (the photographer) takes Celena’s (the makeup artist) photos, and Celena did Jess and Courtney’s (hair stylists) wedding makeup! Small world!

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