It’s Time for Fall Dates!! SLNW?

If you are anything like the rest of the world, you are ready for a season change because that means we are one day closer to the end of 2020.

The air is crisp, leaves are changing, new candle scents are out, flannels are being thrown over tees, and pumpkin spice is the rave.

Happy fall y’all!

You and your partner are ready to celebrate fall in full swing, but you already carved pumpkins, went to a corn maze, and binged all the Halloweentown’s.

So, Like, Now What?

Don’t worry! I have you covered with COVID-friendly fall dates that you can share with your boyfriend or best friend.

Chocolate Date

Photo from Facebook

My favorite place, DeBrand Fine Chocolates, started offering chocolate tours again today. Every Tuesday at 10:00, Thursday at 1:00, and Saturday at 10:00, the Auburn Road location will be offering open tours. I would highly recommend going on these tours, especially since I led several tours during my time as an employee!

After the tour concludes, and you experience chocolate-overload, you need to split a giant caramel apple with your date. They come with or without nuts and with milk or dark chocolate.

A few other scrumptious pieces that remind me of fall are the European Heart (a hazelnut piece) from the Classic Collection, the Peanut Butter Truffle from the Truffle Collection, Salted Café Caramel from the Connoisseur Collection, and the Caramel Pretzel Bar.

After you experience the wonders of real chocolate, you will never view Hershey’s the same.

Following your visit to DeBrand, I’d recommend a nap. However, if you crave more protein than the Peanut Butter Truffle provides, I’d suggest going to the Panera that is a walk away.

The cost of this date would start at $10 as the tour costs $5 per person. The giant caramel apples are $17.75 per pound, but tour visitors get a rebate for $5 off a $10 purchase. This would be a relatively cheap date that’ll make you feel fancier than Meghan Markle – the chocolate, staff, and atmosphere are that phenomenal.

Spooky Date

Photo from Facebook

The best haunted house that Dawson and I have gone to – and we’ve been to several – was located in Kendallville.

From what I can tell, Nightmare on Main Street opened in 2016; however, Dawson and I visited the haunted house last year.

There are twenty-one different rooms, and they all attempt to psychologically scare visitors in different ways: with phobias, crashed cars, spinning rooms, and all other fears that lie in ‘everyone’s deepest mental wound.’


In one room, they spun us on a merry-go-round and let only Dawson off. While I was still spinning by myself, as tears may or may not have been streaming down my face, they continuously drug their knives around me and laughed. Their bursts of laughter had me so terrified that I started questioning if they were going to kill me.

Double yikes!

After they let me go, I frantically ran outside. Dawson was waiting for me, and we were told to vote for our favorite room. If I remember correctly, the room that won would get a free pizza party.

For a date night, I’d recommend going on Friday or Saturday night from 7:00-11:00. The wait wasn’t too long for us, and it was interactive!

This date would cost $30 as each ticket costs $15, a steal for the insane scares they pull off.

Before the date, there are a few delicious restaurants nearby. Wings Etc serves wings and fried pickle spears, good ole Applebee’s that has it all, or Super Chopsticks (closes the earliest at 9:00 and only accepts cash or check) that has great lo mein.

Photo Shoot

Not a professional photo

Dawson and I have never done a photoshoot, which I thoroughly regret because our engagement session will be awkward.

This fall, I encourage you to get dressed up and take photos – even if it’s a mini session. In a time where we value pictures so much, we should normalize supporting photographers for ‘just because’ sessions.

Here are some photographers that I fully support and recommend like crazy:

Hannah, with Hannah Ruth Photography, is incredible through and through. She was my yearbook teacher, who is beyond kind and easy to work with! Her photos capture such raw emotion and make expressions more beautiful than I could ever imagine! Check her out!

Amanda, with ASOT Photography, is worth all the hype! Her photos capture the prettiest of smiles, and the colors always appear so radiant. Your session would most likely be filled with laughter and spunk, which would show in the pictures. Check her out!

Breely, with Tailored and Kind Photography, is shooting mine and Dawson’s wedding photos. There were so many little things that kept leading me to her, and I fell in love with her work. Check her out!

Tiffany, with Custom Portraits by Tiffany, has the most posed style, rather than candid. Her photos are so professional and are always frame-worthy! I modeled for Tiffany when I was in high school, and she always made it so easy. Check her out!

The prices of these photographers and the lengths of the shoots vary. I hyperlinked their accounts, and I would encourage you to check them out.

If there is any year to get photos done to show you really lived through the time, it is 2020!

Netflix Date

If I have learned anything in the past year, it is to slow down and unwind. Unwind in bed watching tv, under your favorite throw blanket, with the best essential oil diffusing, and eating junk food while fully planning on going to bed early.

This can still be a date! Here are some shows to binge on Netflix, movies to watch, and local food to grab. Just chill at home with your dogs and partner, and slow down for a moment!

Creepy shows: Scream TV Show (Season 1+2 are the best), Unsolved Mysteries, Cold Case Files (modern; not 1999), Hannibal, Imposters, Riverdale, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Blacklist, Dead to Me, and You.

Binge-worthy shows: Married at First Sight, American Vandal, Santa Clarita Diet, and The Office.

Spooky movies: Hush, The Invitation, and Drive (a thriller).

Food to Grab: If you are in Garrett, I recommend grabbing a sausage roll from Timmy’s BBQ or hash browns from the Garrett House of Pancakes. If you are near Auburn, I recommend ordering fries with Mango Habanero sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings or tomatillo from Cebolla’s. If you are in Avilla, Cody’s Pizza also has legendary sausage rolls made with banana peppers! If you are in Kendallville, I already mentioned Applebee’s, Super Chopsticks, and Wings Etc; however, I will say the Kendallville KFC is excellent! If you are in Fort Wayne, figure it out – you have Door Dash!

If none of these dates appeal to you, may I suggest hitting up your local Target? That never fails!

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