I Want to Shop Small for Makeup!! SLNW?

Every day my alarm goes off, signifying the start of my morning routine.

I jump out of bed, give Beasley about fifteen-minutes of petting time, brush and floss my teeth, straighten my hair, pick out an outfit, make my bed, quickly grab something for lunch, and rush out the door to grab a coffee.

Where in that hot mess montage is there a moment to plaster on an appropriate amount of makeup?

I hate to break it to you, but my cheekbones don’t have a natural highlight, my eyebrows generally point in all different directions, my lips are incredibly pale like my skin, and my entire face always looks slightly pink.

Clearly, it takes some minor tweaking to make it look like what you see in pictures!

But I have priorities: I need to go to bed early for eight-hours of sleep, and I need an iced latte in the morning. There is simply no time for applying makeup!

So, Like, Now What?

This year, my good friend Lindsay started using Maskcara – no, this is not a brand of mascara. This is makeup that can be applied in under five minutes, and it is my next small business recommendation!

Color Matching

So, like, I could totally pass for a Cullen. When I used to walk into the drug store browsing for foundation, I would pick the lightest color. Sometimes, that color was still too dark! If only my skin were as flawless as a vampire.

This was truly a pain because I would have to look up brands that offer paler colors. I finally settled on an argon oil-based brand that matched my skin well; however, someone told me argon oil is allegedly made from llama poop. Now I was between two hard choices: have a prominent makeup line or indirectly put poop on my face.

Maskcara eliminated the challenges of this decision by offering color-matching.

I sent my Maskcara consultant a natural light selfie wearing no makeup, and she told me exactly what color matched my skin. Additionally, she told me what highlight and contour would match my skin best.

Instantly, I was in love – or experiencing infatuation. I could stay at my house, order the perfect matches, and not apply poop to my face? Talk about an all-around win.


When I first placed my order, I was a little hesitant. I purchased a brush, the main highlight (which works as foundation), a brightening highlight, a contour, and a lip + cheek – which acts as a blush and lipstick. This order came with a free compact to put the makeup into.

This initial purchase was over $90, which made me second-guess entering my debit card information. Yet, I went for it, and have never looked back!

The order was sent to me within days, which is the way to my heart. Now, there was no chance it was only infatuation.

The $90 was so worth it because the makeup matches my skin, doesn’t flake off like skin-dandruff, and I haven’t run out – it’s been almost five months! Whenever I place my next order, it won’t be as expensive because I’ll just need a refill or some fun products like eyeshadow.

Applying Maskcara

Something that I’ve always struggled with is solving puzzles. Applying makeup has always felt like an intricate puzzle that I just can’t piece together.

What is baking; do I heat my skin? Am I supposed to apply primer? Do you prime and use setting-spray? What is contouring? Is an illuminator the same as a highlight? You mean you line your lips?

All these questions left me dazed and confused. I pretty much threw it on, mixed it around, and prayed it looked semi-normal.

Once I received my Maskcara, I wanted to learn how to apply it correctly. Mostly because it only took five minutes. I’m in college, so I can learn a five-minute makeup routine – right?

I was able to find several video tutorials and graphics that showed where to apply the makeup.

The most common application seems to be the “Cheetah HAC.” Here is a graphic created by Beauty in the Chaos – Maskcara with Lindsay.

Although this graphic displays every detail, this application still doesn’t make much sense to me. Puzzles just aren’t my thing!

I found a tutorial on the “Tribal HAC,” and that is what I now use on the daily. This application works best for me because it is half a puzzle; half a “throw it on and mix.”

My first ever Maskcara application! It is meant to make you feel more beautiul; not make you feel like you need extra makeup.

Maskcara Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Now, I’m hooked on Maskcara – not as much as my mom, though. It makes up her entire Christmas list. The brush cleaner, different brushes, eyeshadow, compacts, lip + cheeks, and basically the whole store!

This makeup is so practical, easy to use, and lightweight. Every morning I’m excited to throw it on in the coffee line because I feel like an artist!

As fun as applying the makeup is, the Maskcara community is much more enjoyable.

I am in a couple of Facebook groups where people show their favorite products, give tips and tricks, talk about life, and make product suggestions. Meaning, if I asked what products to use so my makeup looked just like Elle Woods makeup, they’d tell me!

I could list 1,000 more great things about Maskcara (like how organized it is with the compact), but you should experience the innovation yourself! This week, I am hosting a Maskcara Facebook party with Lindsay. Let me know if you’d like to join. You are not expected to buy anything, but I urge you to see what makeup is evolving into.

I am throwing it to show that makeup doesn’t have to be a never-ending puzzle, that the Maskcara community is a blast, and to check a few things off my mom’s wish list. Unfortunately, elves can’t create makeup this perfect.

This was my face when I experienced the Cullen-matching foundation.  It can be yours, too!

Shop easy, shop small,

shop Maskcara!

Comment on my post, or message me to join my party for a deeper-dive into Maskcara. There will be a giveaway, which you won’t want to miss!  Or click this link to check out the site!

Thanks, friends!


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