Time to Pick the Ring!! SLNW?

We all have something in our life that we love looking at for joy. Perhaps it’s your BMW bus, your favorite drummer shirtless, or your newborn baby.

Mine is my engagement ring.

…amongst other things, of course!

Dawson is an excellent gift-giver, but this is by far the best thing he’s ever given me. I never expected to care what my ring looked like, but now that I have it, I can’t imagine it looking any other way. It truly feels perfect for me.

Maybe your time to pick a ring is right around the corner – or you’re a super planner or budgeter! No matter the reasoning, you’re ready to pick out a ring.

So, Like, Now What?

First, make sure you are both on the same page. You could be envisioning walking down the aisle while they think that this first movie theater date would be the last. You went a little too hard with the butter for their tastes.

Have a genuine conversation about what you two want. Do you want to live together anytime soon? Do you want to live together before or after marriage? Do you want kids anytime soon? What do both of you want in your futures, and do those hopes align?

Make sure you address these questions honestly and don’t do any hint dropping – hints are missed way too often for this serious of a discussion. They cannot read your mind, so whatever you say is what they’ll believe. So, like, say what you mean.

After you are on the same page, start looking at rings that you like. Take note of different elements that you adore: do you prefer gold or silver; what diamond shape is your favorite; do you want one diamond or several?

I know a woman who even started a Pinterest board with variations of the same ring, and her boyfriend drew his ideas from that. She got a similar ring so that aggressive hint-dropping seemed to pay off! In this case, hints can be useful.

When I was thinking about elements that I loved, I knew that I wanted the band to be gold. I preferred solitaire diamonds, especially oval because my fingers are so boney; however, I really love small diamonds on the band.

Once you have an idea, or a few, of what you like, it is time to talk about a price range!

My taste is a bit more expensive than Dawson or I anticipated; yet, I am not shocked. Look at who my role model is – we should’ve seen this coming.

We didn’t want to make payments or use a credit card, so Dawson picked up an extra summer job. He saved all the money he could, and I tried to pay for all our dates and expenses during that time. I even offered to pay for half of the ring, but he would not let that happen! How will my taste ever get less expensive if I am not forced to lower my standards or pitch in – when we spend $10 billion on Christmas, it’ll be his fault and not mine!

After your price is determined, it’s time to pick the jeweler. When I was little, I never considered what my ring might look like. However, I was convinced that it would be from Kay or Jared because they had the sweetest Christmas commercials that made me cry every time!

Dawson didn’t want me to see the ring, but he also likes to do things at his own pace. That is why he chose to go the online route and buy my ring from James Allen! That involved no pushy salesmen, but excellent customer service.

James Allen allowed him to start with a setting, where he picked the most jaw-dropping gold band with little diamonds. (It was incredibly disappointing when he thought this was the price of the entire ring, and it’s just the setting LOL. I found a coupon code for the setting when he mentioned JA, so that helped a smidge!)

Then, he was able to pick whatever diamond he wanted! First, he selected the desired carat size, color, and clarity; however, neither of us considered anything other than the carat size too much. He knew that I prefer clear diamonds – whereas, some people love the vintage, yellow look – so he looked for that. After all those steps, he was able to view 360’s of several diamonds.  He could sort them by size, color, or price – which is what I’d do if I were him.

Dawson chose the most stunning oval diamond, that I drool over way too often.

Photo by Hannah Ruth Photography

Next came the most challenging part for Dawson. James Allen allows engravements, and he put a lot of emphasis on making those words special. On the night of his 21st Birthday, as he was probably close to vomiting, it dawned on him:

My Sweetest Friend

Words sang in his favorite Goo Goo Dolls song, that’ll play for the first dance at our wedding. Beyond being significant others, partners, and equals, we are friends. That is something that both of us treasure.

Now, I wear these words on my finger every day.

For me, this ring is perfect! For you, a simple band, a 6-carat rock, or a purple gemstone may be the one. Whatever it may be, make sure you truly love it! It’ll be on your finger forever, and if you’re like me, you’ll be shocked at how happy and tearful it makes you.

Okay, readers!

Now, I am having such a hard time picking a wedding band. I am stuck between the matching band or the bigger band.

(Yes, I will also have a coupon for the band. 25% off baby!)

Dawson said I should go for the bigger one because, “What?? Are you scared it won’t be on your finger forever or something!”

Also, I do not want to ever get a third, anniversary band. Clearly, I am trying to justify my preference by specifying all these details!

James Allen does 30-day returns, so I may order the bigger one (I’m leaning towards it, unsurprisingly…I love sparkle!) and send it back if I don’t like it.

Let me know what you guys would choose in the poll down below!

Left is the matching band; right is the bigger band.

Thanks, and rock on!

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A Christ follower, fiancé planning a Hallmark Christmas movie kind of wedding, Organizational Leadership student, marketing employee, dog-lover, concert goer, massive Goo Goo Dolls fan, coffee and carb enthusiast, and a basic chick with a Bachelor addiction!

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