I Want to Shop Small for Clothes!! SLNW?

When I was little, my family would drive past an abandoned movie rental on the main street. Business ideas would rush through my mind – maybe I could own an all-year Christmas store, maybe I could run a homeless shelter, maybe I could wrap gifts for people, maybe I could be a small business owner!

Now, I don’t desire to open my own small business, but I strive to shop from them whenever possible. (Don’t get me wrong; I still buy from major corporations like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks, but I do try!) Whether the businesses be on Etsy, social media, or local stores – I try to give them all a shot. I appreciate the thought these owners put into all products and packages and respect that they’re pursuing their dreams.

Whenever I find new stores, I love telling everyone about them. If you’ve met me, you know that I’m basically a walking Ruggable ad – when I love products, I want the whole world to know!

Many people are also trying to shop small, but they don’t know where to start. They want to buy clothes from a small business but think

“So, like, now what?”

The thought is there, but where do they even begin? That question leads me to my first small business recommendation:

Manna DeKor and More

Anything underlined is linked to what is being referred to.

This May, I was scrolling Facebook when I saw a shared post from Manna Dekor and More from Orland, Indiana. Although I cannot recall the exact post, I remember being in awe of how fun the boutique looked! The model – who I now know is the daughter-owner, Rebecca – seemed so cool and spunky! Whatever she had on caught my attention, and I decided to check out the Manna DeKor and More website.

I quickly learned that this boutique was mother-daughter owned by Melody and Rebecca. Instantly, I was impressed. If my mom and I opened a boutique, who knows the styles there would be – we never seem to agree on clothes trends! That would not be our jam, so it amazed me that these women make this look flawless.

Eagerly, I searched the entire website. The faith items made my heart so happy – I truly admire stores that are open about their values. The adorable nurse shirts instantly caused me to rethink my entire major! The “mom” products make me want to hurry up and be a mom already. Seriously, the clothes are that cute.

In no time, my first order was in, and I could not contain my excitement awaiting its arrival. When I saw it in my mailbox two days later, I was shocked! That shipping had to be faster than Amazon Prime – especially during COVID!

As I pulled the bag out of the mailbox, I noticed the bright pink packaging. How lovely!

As I ripped open the package as if it was Christmas, a little card fell out. On it, was a handwritten note from Rebecca and Melody thanking me for my order. That made the entire experience feel so much more personable, during a very impersonal time. That’s truly a miracle in itself.

When I tried on my first Manna DeKor and More products, the outstanding quality was undeniable! Ordering from there again was now a must.

Quickly, I became a huge fan of the boutique. Their shop is now my favorite! Their Instagram posts always inspire me and their Facebook streams are something I look forward to – I am still kicking myself for not acting fast enough on one FB Live. I didn’t even wait a minute to order a color block sweater, and it sold out! That’s how good this boutique is!

Did I mention that my extremely talented yearbook teacher, Hannah Ruth Photography, snaps pictures of them in their clothes – could this place get any more perfect? Probs not; Hannah Montana said that nobody’s perfect, not that no boutique is!

Manna DeKor and More has something, if not 1,000 things, for everyone.

Their gifts are practical, while straight out of Pinterest. They have reusable bags that would make anyone excited to check out at Aldi, motivational car air fresheners, and the most delightful, blush “Mama Needs Wine” tumbler. If someone ordered a gift from here, they’d have to snatch a greeting card, too. I am the biggest Hallmark fan of all-time, and I admit even their cards are trendier than Hallmarks!

They offer home products that would be in everyone’s HGTV dream home. From rustic to motivational, they have it all!

Their accessories are everything a girl could want. The abundance of relatable baseball caps is never-ending. They’ll make you wonder how many hat changes are acceptable for one day. The earrings that they offer are jaw-dropping. The Tassel Moroccan Earrings will be mine sometime soon! The shoes are incredibly stylish and so comfortable. I have the very versatile, Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal, and I wear them at least four times a week.

Manna DeKor and More clothes are what you need in your life. Every time I look into my color-coated closet, I am immediately drawn to my clothes from there. How is it even possible for clothes to be this fun, chic, high-quality, and reasonably priced!

Every available clothing item should be in this blog labeled as a must-have, but I will show pictures of what I’ve ordered. Trust me, you’ll want to browse this website and add gift cards to your wishlists!


The Multi Wide Sleeve Sweater is thick, bright, and perfect for the fall through spring! It can easily be paired with a DeBrand caramel apple in the fall, some silver ornament earrings in the winter, or pastel shoes in the spring. Talk about getting the most out of your money!

This Mustard Sherpa Quarter Zip is crazy comfortable. It actually has me excited to do homework with the other essentials: Starbucks, textbooks, Word documents, and Beasley!

The Burnt Orange Pom Cardigan gives me major Guinevere Beck vibes, which I am here for! *Spoiler alert* Too bad she can’t be here for it, too!

This Mocha Layered Faux Fur Jacket (no longer available) was my first purchase from the boutique. Dawson always picks out clothes for me that have things “hanging from them” because that’s how he knows it is my style! I mean, he’s not wrong! I love pairing this with my favorite sandals!

This Taupe Leopard Print Skirt really makes me want to strut like I mean it. After I had placed an order, I Facebook messaged them asking to add this to my order. It was no problem! Talk about excellent customer service – this might top Chick-Fil-A.

Manna DeKor and More has it all: incredible products, out of this world service, and tons of spunk! Ordering from here (or going in – I haven’t done that yet!) will make you pull a London Tipton and jump up and down, squealing, “yay me!”

Shop small, shop local, shop Manna Dekor and More!

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