I Forgot A Wedding Gift!! SLNW?

Weddings look a little bit different these days. Instead of hearing bells, you listen to people squirting hand sanitizer. Instead of complimenting other guests for looking their best, you comment on their mask.

You feel happy for the couple, but feel so sad for the bride – the constant guessing, last-minute changes, hearing everyone’s differing opinions.  Woah, that could not be me. Kudos, a tip of the hat, and applause to you all!

Overall, the whole experience is still as beautiful as a guest!

You get confirmation that it’s still on, and you pull out the handy-dandy Spanx, choose your new favorite Amazon Prime outfit, get ready for some free food, prepare to whip out the dance moves you learned on Tik Tok, and have a few too many drinks. All you need do is bring a – shit! You forgot a gift! How did you forget the gift!? What can you even get them with this COVID craziness? You need a gift idea like yesterday, like pronto, like right now!

First, it’s okay! Breathe! This wedding has been in the air for everyone, and it just happens to be August-October when all weddings are this year. Forgetting is understandable – we’ve all done plenty of it during COVID because this can’t be real life! (I know that I keep forgetting to stop eating the massive bag of Uncle Ray’s Hot Chips before I’ve shoved it all down, and chugged the salt at the bottom.) But don’t worry – your gift can still be thank you card worthy!

Here is a quick gift list:

First, can I state the obvious and suggest cash? Maybe you’re thinking,

“cash isn’t good enough for this gift!  So, like, now what?”

If you want to do a different, unique gift, here are some of my favorites:

Get them a gift card for a couple’s massage!

If they enjoy entertaining, L. Lynn Lettering Co on Etsy does personalized charcuterie boards!

A custom Christmas ornament that says their last name! Etsy has an abundance of them!

A Hallmark greeting card assortment – they’ll save so much money on cards.  How practical!

Ask their engagement/wedding photographer to buy a gift card to pay for a future anniversary session!

If they are trendy, get them a personalized scrapbook and a polaroid camera to capture the married life.

Okay, I saw the East Family do this on YouTube with parenting, but I bet it could easily apply to marriage! Get bottles of their favorite wine (or beer, bourbon, etc.) and make custom labels. Like “For Our First Vacay Married!” or “For Finishing Our First Netflix Binge Together!” So, they can break those drinks out for those special firsts!

Lastly, I recommend checking out the Bride’s Pinterest Boards! You’ll probably be able to find several ideas there. (Pinterest is where you can find tea for anything!!)

If you want to do a quick, simple gift, here are some options:

Something off their registry, or a gift card to those stores. Most registries do fast shipping or ship free to their home! Who cares if it’s a little late? Just throw a pic of the gift in a card and call it a day.

An Amazon gift card because we’ve all gotten addicted since quarantine!

If they are going on a cruise, consider a gift card for their ship (yes, that’s a thing!)

A Netflix gift card – basically paying for their COVID dates right there!

A gift card towards any alcohol, food, or gas store.

A Family Bible!

Fleece throw blankets are always a win.

Or, everyone needs cleaning supplies, so there’s that lol.

When picking the gift, remember to make it about what the couple wants rather than what you’d like to give. If you do that, you’re gold! No matter what you get, they’ll adore it! All they care about is that the marriage is still happening, the wedding is still on, and that you came! COVID has taken so much away – let loose and party for the one thing that’s stayed: love!

Enjoy this COVID wedding season: rock the Spanx, test the moves, eat the cake, and celebrate!

*nudge* Come back soon for a Christmas gift guide! Expect the excitement levels of Buddy the Elf, and the intensity of Winston Schmidt, The Rock, and Amy at Sky Zone in Bad Moms Christmas 2. Yeah, it’s like, intense! That blog will make this one look like 1/20 stocking stuffer ideas for your Great Aunt Barb.

Published by Chloe!!

A Christ follower, fiancé planning a Hallmark Christmas movie kind of wedding, Organizational Leadership student, marketing employee, dog-lover, concert goer, massive Goo Goo Dolls fan, coffee and carb enthusiast, and a basic chick with a Bachelor addiction!

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