You’re Here!! So, Like, Now What?

If you’re anything like me, you’re always chasing something like the next step, the newest dream, some made-up timeline, etc. You finally reached the latest achievement: you earned the degree, you adopted the dog, you fit into the skinny jeans from last fall, you finished the latest serial killer documentary, you got the Christmas tree up – and while you should applaud yourself for that victory, you can’t help but wonder, “So, Like, Now What?”

Blog Series

So, like, you finally reached a huge milestone, and you’re about to enter a new life stage! Whether that be graduating high school, obtaining a college degree, starting your maybe career, beginning a serious relationship, or hitting your savings account goal! It’s all new and exciting, but a total guessing game! The SLNW: Life Stages series will give you my best shot at a possibly-acceptable answer to these life changes. If you’re looking for blogs on self-worth and mental health, stay tuned – it’s coming!

So, like, you have feelings, or were friend-zoned, or have a first date, or are going long-distance, or are planning a breakup, or are meeting the parents, or are expecting your first kiss, or are applying for The Bachelor!  Whatever is happening in your love life is new, exciting – maybe terrifying – or too ordinary. Anything you may be experiencing is universal, and not nearly as embarrassing as you think. SLNW: Relationships series will be about my experiences that’ll make you reminisce, feel as awkward as “Scott’s Tots,” and give you some sort of advice! If you’re looking for blogs on wedding planning, stay tuned – it’s coming!

So, like, you need inspiration pronto! Whether that be for a party theme, a gift, or house decor. The SLNW: Special Occasions series will eventually be filled with an excessive number of gift ideas, tips & tricks to avoid using your credit card, and party planning packages. The SLNW: What the House series will talk about home essentials, DIY tries, and everything else I learn along the way! If you’re looking for downloadable party games, invitations, or a registry list, stay tuned – it’s coming!